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Tuesday, 04 May 2010


carla de leon

beautiful photos lou! i know what you mean, google maps is the new big brother... lol. at least mirlo had an appearance!


Your so beautiful, Louise! I adore your pig tails...mine are always such a mess! And, as always your photography makes me swoon with it's light and bright and delicate nature!

Oh, Google Earth maps is rather creepy, is it not!!? They have not yet mapped out the area where we live, but I can see my parent's house on it...the street views are (at times) more than a little bit invasive of privacy, I think....seeing folks working on their cars in their own little driveways, or people in their cars at stop signs.....so odd, this modern technological land we live in!

But, the idea of your lovely little Mirlo standing sentry against the marauding Google Earth van makes me smile oh so big!! :)


nice photo :>

Carol Anne

Fabulous post, Lou, with lots of magical visual treats. It's always lovely and inspiring catching up with you. Bright wishes as we dance into May. xx


I love your photos ♥ Are so cute that inspire me!



Your self-portraits are just lovely ~ warm and cool all at once. I so enjoy the little tours of your living space.

And, yes ~ google maps is quite curious. Fascinating but odd, knowing that someone took these photos of your house. And you can see Mirlo in the window??

Gerushia's New World


Beautiful inspiring photos, thanks for sharing :) Google maps are a bit creepy aren't they, especially when you see someone you know's house you haven't yet visited in real life! xx


truly beautiful and inspiring, as always♥


This post is so beautiful Lou! I am in love with your red socks, and the delicate florals on the white throughout your home.

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