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Thursday, 27 May 2010



You are sooo adorable! Thanks for letting us peek inside your home in a very "lagom" way!


love your choice of books! :) and i would realllllly like to find out what s in that wooden box under your nightstand! don t tell me! i ll wait til you leave the house and find out for myself!

Carol Anne

Lovely and inspiring, Lou. Hope you are magically well. xx


oh! I always love the white crispness with splashes of colour that you use in your beautiful home! Such an inspiration (and so far from all the woodsiness that we have round about these parts.....which is so hard to get "crisp and fresh") tee hee! :) And those cups......floral divinity! Sigh! :)

♥ have a lovely weekend sweet Louise! Your new blog layout is so elegant!!


I was just about to say how very beautiful your house is with the white and wondering how you keep it so clean and then I was STOPPED IN MY TRACKS when I saw the Leonora Carrington book! She's my favourite artist and I can't believe I haven't heard of this book. I must go to Amazon straight away to look it up! By the way, how do you keep it looking so clean and white? ;o) xx


I so enjoyed you post with all the dream journal pages. I agree with Jessie. if tyhese pics are your home and it's so white, how do you keep it that way?
Very comfy looking.


beautiful, amazing, inspiring, as always!
thanks for sharing! (as always! :))


I really love your blue stripey sweater!


Thanks folks! xxx

About the whiteness: The walls are cream coloured, but still very pale. I haven't noticed a great deal of difference maintaining a lot of white than, say, back when I had a penchant for dark wood and the colour red - but it does tend to show up dirt and cat fluff pretty easily! I don't find myself cleaning more than is bearable - just a quick 5 mins with the cat fluff sticky tape and throwing the washable sofa covers into the machine every now and then. Thankfully everything else is wipe clean. A good thing, too, because I am really rather clumsy with cups of tea, especially when dipping chocolate into it (dribble drip splodge onto the chair arm;)

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