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Wednesday, 19 May 2010



Gah! Can't read this! The dots really strain my eyes. My screen resolution is 1280 wide if that helps. Seriously can't bring myself to read the text, eyes hurt.


reposting and not citing sources is an issue with tumblr...unfortunately i don't know how one can control that. i try to post only pictures that have sources in the hopes that if someone reblogs it they'll include the source. i do think you can blog people though...on the dashboard it will list who reposts and i guess you can check and make sure they've included the source information.


True enough.
I had a browse through tumblr and noticed that quite a few blogs featured *only* re-tumbled imagery, often without any links whatsoever. I suppose the ultimate responsibility, at present, is the artists own: to decide whether sharing material online is worth the risk of misrepresentation, accepting the risks and just getting on with it, hoping that some of the shared material brings positive results, or considering ways in which to keep the work safe, ie, watermarking, etc.

I certainly don't think it is done with any bad intent. It just seems like *the* gigantic craze right now - to upload eye candy en masse in a bid to become popular, or simply because you love to curate. It is a shame that the genuine curators (supporters of the artists) will inadvertently become mixed up in this curious melee!


Louise...you can stretch out your main column to 600.

Here's how:

Also you should be able to move your banner flush left.
Here is how my layout is set up in Custom CSS on Typepad.


#banner {background-position: center;}

.layout-three-column #container { width: 1210px; }
.layout-three-column #alpha { width: 280px; }
.layout-three-column #beta { width: 650px; }
.layout-three-column #gamma { width: 280px; }


Replace "center" with "left" where the banner code is. If it still doesn't work just contact Typepad's support system..they've helped me a lot and usually will get back to you within a day. Your blog looks fantastic by the way..mine needs a major overall. I want to include a banner that fades in and out but I haven't figured out how just yet and maybe eliminate many of the pictures in my columns and have them replaced with links :)

Good Luck!


p.s. you can extend the width of your blog (you can see mine is 1210 px in the code). Perhaps you need to change your current setting as that may be what is preventing you from creating the middle column a bit bigger..? Just make sure all of the columns px's add up.


the new design is lovely. you were so right in saying that theres something amazing about tinkering with code, especially when what you do actually makes a difference to how it looks! it was kind of how i started learning webdesign and now i make a career out of it haha. i'll be happy to help if you have any questions ;)

i once had my art blog on tumblr. its a great place to promote your work socially, but otherwise it is a very fastpaced community, which i didn't really appreciate.


Thank you, both, so very much indeed!

Christine, I will try that (the code), but does this overwrite the existing code? Please forgive my ignorance^^

I actually don't mind the different sized columns that I'm using at the moment, but I do agree with you - I think the actual page width that I have now is what attracts me rather than the mismatched columns. To lose 50 pixels from the left and right and add 100 to the centre would be great.

Nataliette, thankyou! I would love to know more about web design, the tinkering is almost addictive, even worth the headaches. And tumblr sure is fast paced. I think that pretty much hits the nail on the head.



I have chosen a format that I like for the time being - so happy to have made the main content column wider!
I am happy with the appearance based upon the default page size on mac's safari, so would love to know if the dots are still offending anybody.

They seem just fine form here, so I am puzzled.

Thanks again xxx

Oh and Nataliette, I would love to be able to alter my shop appearance via css. I must definitely read up on this stuff a little more. If you can recommend any good reading or websites, do let me know!


I think watermarking the images is a MUST. :)

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