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Tuesday, 27 April 2010


ruta elze

Great work! I also like the third version the most, it's so catching!

Sarah Knight

Dreamy, ethereal, and a touch dark, they look lovey!


look nice!!

Lisa Falzon

I love the darkest central one best.. thes peices with the dark forest theme of yours are favourites of mine!!!

<3 M.R James' ghost stories.. another James wrote a ghost story that just disturbs me incredibly.. ever read 'The Turn of the Screw'? My hair stood on end just writing about it this moment.. I don't know exactly -why- but I find that story deep-down frightening.


They're beautiful! I love the one with the spectacles the best, it just gives her so much character.


Thanks x

Lisa, I absolutely loved that story, it was the cause of my current James obsession! I was also looking out for a decent tv version, but not located one as yet. The most recent UK offering didn't impress me.

Lisa Falzon

I watched one on youtube - in parts - the governess was exactly as I imagined her... brrr.


You do great work when you're feeling dreadful. Third from top says it all. Very nice.


i adore your darker works lou. she's wonderfully enigmatic.

...with glasses

Frankie Kins

Lou, I love this! Give us more!

Mathyld / under the pyramids

When I am not lazy, I love doing my hair like this !
She's absolutely adorable and my favourite detail is how lost she looks without her glasses ... Just as a real person.
I think she *really* needs them.
It might be your "older style" but you gave it a whole new "depth".

I hope that you're recovered, now.
Kittens & Mittens !
x x x


Awesome work and info :)
Look forward to reading (and seeing)more!

Walter Helena Photography

What lovely and dreamy art you create; thank you for sharing!

If you’d like, please drop by my blog for a chance to win a fine art giclee reproduction of one of my prints ☺



As we say in America ~ "Holy Cow!" These new works are spectacular. I feel ridiculously speechless. Just when I think I've seen the best of your work....you swoosh in and prove that you still, and always, have something else...something new up your sleeve!!

Thanks for keeping me intrigued.

Gerushia's New World


Got referred here through a chain of links. Funny, I thought it was a piece about the mockumentary Paper Heart and I thought, sheesh that's the nicest Charlene Yi's ever looked! Whoops.


Adore her spectacles. Just beautiful! :D


I wish I could do my hair like that. Lovely pieces.

Also wondering if you will be selling your art as postcards, or postcard size (6x4) anytime soon, as it's the only size I buy in!


Oh Lou, she is so sweet and mysterious and dainty...and I love her moodiness (and adorable glasses). I think she might also have spent her lunch-hour in the photography lab darkroom...which is where much of my own high-school lunches were spent....and in my own little corner of the library (next to the Pre-Raphaelite books) tee hee. :)

Happy new weekling to You, Dearie!

annie markantonatou

This is just great! it could easily be a poster for a film!


Frank Zweegers

I like the last one. It's so cute and at the same time dark and unpredictable.

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