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Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Sarah Knight

congratulations to the winner : )

looks like some wonderful deals



Lily van Niekerk

Oh my! I am so excited to read my name as the winner! I can hardly believe it :)

Do I need to email you my address? the link to the "send you an email" doesn't work on my computer :( so I am not too sure how to contact you.

thank you so much for running such a great giveaway! and have a wonderful day :)



Your work has this dreamy feeling. The girls look like perfect little dolls. The platinum haired one is just gorgeous. I remember that as a kid I had a similar looking doll. You have such a delicate touch. Your colors bloom on the page and the faces are full of emotion. You have definitely found a niche. Years ago I painted poured busts. The faces were rendered in delicate clown face and I gave the busts sweeping eyelashes, rosy blushed cheeks, delicate lips and silky clothes. The eyes were large and always clear with a particular white highlight on the iris. They looked more European, and harlequin than Ringling Brothers. The busts were classic sculpture. They were produced by hand. Back then the way you sold art was limited. Sell Art . Today's way is on the internet. There are so many outlets for a artist to get noticed. I wanted to mention that your work is classic also. There is no garish feeling to the designs, rather they are delicate and eye catching. Absolutely Beautiful!

annie markantonatou

great drawings!


a fanciful twist

Yipee yay for the winner ;)

Oooo, a sale page, how clever and wonderful!

Much love from my house to yours ;_ ~ Must catch up soon darling Louie! xoxo


Congratulations Lily:

I'm sure the moment the prints arrive, you'll be ready to get them framed!! I have three of Lou's pieces framed and hanging about my home. I adore them!!

Gerushia's New World


Those are absolutely amazing...


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