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Sunday, 28 February 2010




I love your blog and I think your artwork is incredible! Anyway, I looked at both versions of both pieces and I think they look the same, or very close. Hope that helps :-)


Oh my. Both these paintings (Under Cover and Come Home) are deeply meaningful to me.

As an adoptee, I have never truly belonged anywhere. Sometimes home is a pale of ripe blackberries, a long bath, a book of Japanese poetry.

That the girl in Under Cover wears a skirt that resembles a quilted tent, is quite fitting. I see it and immediately feel comforted, like I can crawl inside and live out the rest of my years, shielded from anything that may wish to do me harm.

Come Home calls to mind my playfulness as a child. Long hours spent pretending to be someone else. I love that the girl in this painting is disproportionate to the house. Makes me think she is still very much in her dream world.


Hello. It amazes me how much you are able to create in such a short period of time. These are beautiful. I love the sepia and floral, very eye catching. I looked at both versions and I thought that Carbonmade ones were paler on my PC browser. My daughter (2) now has Cinnamon and Tippe Tan hanging on her wall, she thinks it is her. I will be back for more!

Mathyld / encore petite

Louise ... You outdid yourself, again ...
I am in love, once more ...

I love the fact that she is drinking tea out of fine bone china porcelain in a teepee.
Because my mother has some Native Indian roots (and so do I) and we both love tea :)
And, I love the animals you picked, indeed ...

Ok, so now, for Carbonmade : yes it does appear a tad paler. A tad "grainy", I'd say.
But, still, beautiful. I think you should keep this up, and state that problem in the "about" part, maybe ?

x x x


Lovely work. It does look paler on Carbonmade. Why don't you get web hosting and upload them to your own space? Then you could make the images clickable and link them to pop-up windows and the pictures would be at artandghosts.com/something.jpg

Felicia Kramer

On my monitor they both look virtually the same. The darks in the quilted skirt on Carbonmade look slightly less saturated, but oh so very slightly. I doubt the minute differences would be detectable unless there's a side by side comparison like this.


I forgot to mention that Under Cover looks exactly the same in Carbonmade as it does in Typepad. I do like the *feel*, though, of Carbonmade.

artandghost louise

Thanks very much for your assistance here!
It appears that the images show differently to us all, to some extent. I will have to have a think about it. I really like the feel of carbonmade, and the flash, but the saturation issues (especially on a portfolio site) seem risky. Only a limited number of images can be added too, even on a paid account. ....

And thanks for your comments about the work:)


just beautiful


Beautiful new work, I love your singing tree series and keep meaning to treat myself to a print. I'm hoping that you make a print of Under Cover because I think that's my fave at the mo!



I've been away from blogging for a short while, as I took a little vacation at home.

I'm simply fascinated by your new work. The protection and comfort under the skirt....I so want to be under there with the rest of nature.

Gerushia's New World


Lou as you know I am a big fan of your work - I am loving your latest. The Under Cover girl is simply beautiful! I am loving your home photographs too - thanks for the inspiration!

Lisa Falzon

Hey Louise!

On Carbonmade, the image shows up as veering more towards magenta, here it veers more towards the yellow.

Unfortunately you -must- resign to allowing for differences in colour cast because when images are uploaded to different websites, they are compressed in different ways during the upload progress.

From your end the best thing you can do is ensure colour workflow on your own machine i.e. from your photoshop to printing it out - this is something all designers have to contend with. Working with an srgb profile and making sure your own monitor is professionally calibrated (Do yourself a favour and buy a Spyder if you don't have a calibrator already... pricey but the only thing to ensure you are seeing what you're meant to) is the only thing you can do to ensure YOU at least are seeing a 'standard'. The average user doesn't even calibrate their monitor even once after they get it out of the box so.. this may seem like a big deal to you but it isn't really you kind of have to trust your ghosts to look pretty even with different colour casts. I have had to teach this lesson to myself hehe. Can't afford to be anal when you're displaying stuff online. Printing now there's another matter.... ;)

Jody Silkey

Under Cover is quite possibly my favorite of yours so far, I am in love with it. I couldn't really tell much of a difference from the Carbonmade image and Typepad! Love Love Love it!!!!
Happy almost Spring :)


So so lovely! I love all the ideas incorporated into it, I'm with you I'd like to go live in the woods.
To me it only looks very slightly undersaturated.

Christine A.

I love seeing how your work evolves..the quilted skirt is stunning!

If you want, you can expand the middle column to whatever size you want in Typepad..I recently did that as I wanted show to larger images~

artandghost louise

thanks again, everyone:) x

Christine, I will try it out, thankyou!

pen and paper

Oh man, I adore adore adore these new drawings.

Mesa Landscaping

Undercover is an amazing piece. I love all the detail~ Cheers

hena tayeb

the undercover illustrations are amazing.. great detail.


hi !
It's such a pleasure to hang around your blog ! Just eyecandy everywhere...
And i really like your last illustrations. really soft and mooving at the same time.

The colors are just always so right... i'm impressed :)

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