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Wednesday, 10 February 2010




A lovely series of photos. So fresh and clean. Again, I adore the contrast between the lightness of your home and the blackness of Mirlo. Very striking! And...as usual, you are ever so beautiful.

Gerushia's New World


these photos of you and your home are so charming! i hope you have a magical birthday weekend...happy birthday <3


So lovely to see you, Lou, bringing in the fabulous month of February. What a fantastic series of images ~ so dreamy and beautiful. Oooh, and we share the same birthday month! Have a wonderful celebration with family and friends, dear one. Sending you love and bright wishes for a magical time. xx


Beautiful pictures! And such a clean workspace, I´m impressed. Have a t´riffic birthday :)

Cindi aka oldblackcatboo

I love coming to your blog, so magical!
So clean and white! LOVE LOVE it!
And I adore your little black kitty of course!


These photos are gorgeous! You have beautiful hair by the way. I hope you have a delightful birthday!


awww your workspace is so nice and tidy :)


well, happy birthday too :>

A Fanciful Twist

You are a doll in a doll house. Yes, I am certain that is a fact!

Happy Happy happpppy birthday weekend. Many wishesssss! xoxo

Mathyld / encore petite

I adore the fact that thist first image of you looks so much like these girls you sketched, last month ...
You is adorable-looking. But not in a cheesy way.
Just perfect.
x x x

artandghost louise

thankyou very much xxx♥


Hope you have a very happy birthday!

andrea gutierrez

ah, love the stockings and your black cat! also love that little doll i see in your sixth photo, sweet :)


So pleased to have found your beautiful space here. I hope you have a fabulous birthday...I believe in making them last at least a week!

artandghost louise

Thanks julianna, Andrea and Chrisy! xxx


To one of my favorite artists and bloggers:

Hope you have a wonderful birthday and a great year!!!!


Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! And enjoy your time out and prancing! x

lynda howells

You have to come back soon..l have only just found your blog! Happy birthday to you!xx L love your coloured flowery tights..amazing. Hope you enjoy your birthdayxlynda


Love, love, love those shoes!


Have a very merry birthday! Now i've seen your lovely, sparkly and clean studio, I'm a tad scared to go back into mine, let alone open my bureau, it's alive you know!

The Design Notebook

Awww, the cat looks like the cat I had when I was a kid! Sooooo cute.

Trina Torres


I've been stalking your blog for a few months now. I've been content to just sneak around and observe quietly, but I'm so... I guess moved by your work and photos, I had to tell you how much I like them.

I heart thee very muchly.

Manila, Philippines

Monika Viktoria

love the dreamy, whimsical quality to these photographs... you look so romantic in them - a bit of a ghostly dream yourself :-)


Whished my February mornings are as lightful as yours...


happy birthday! & how DO u make such beautiful art??!? i shall never understand photoshop :(


In <3 with those pumps! x


Lou wishing you the happiest of birthdays. What a lovely place you have and such an adorable kitty! For some reason, due to the nature of your work, I imagined your creative space to be darker with strong hues but it is light and fresh as a feather. The only hint of mystery is your beautiful black cat.



I so hope you are enjoying your time away from the internet. But, as always, we readers are looking forward to your coming back!

Gerushia's New World

annie markantonatou

atmospheric prints, blog, photos!


Oh ! I wish you a very late happy birthday ! By the way do you the rock band "birthday massacre" ? I like it very much and you may enjoy some songs...
It is the first time I really saw how you look like, and I have to say I was not surprised by your delicate face who looks so alike with your characters...

kindest regards,

Post-scriptum : We have the same dress from New-Look. ^^

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