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Monday, 22 February 2010



I study these pieces & immediately see a secret society of wolves holding a meeting in the very rose garden it planted years before.

What this work does is challenge the viewer to consider the nurturing side of creatures that are easily dismissed as being violent, or threatening. Not only are some of them wearing dresses in these paintings, they are also busying themselves -- happily it seems! -- with the work of tending to nature.

Very inspiring, Lou. Makes me wonder if the buttercups that freckle my yard in summer were planted by coyotes.



Just love this new set of work, you really do keep coming up with the goods, very impressive.


So great and only getting greater.


I'm in love with these pieces!! The wolf/foxling creature is so frightening and lovely all at once! Your work is always stunning beyond words, Louise!!

I'm in awe!!!


So pleased to read that you have adopted a tiger and that it made your birthday an even more special day!

Thank you for your support.

Supporter Care Team


Beautiful! Love this new work - I was especially drawn to "Surprise!" and the new silhouettes - I have a huge weakness for silhouettes.

artandghost louise

thanks very much folks!


I love the pointy teeth and sweet frocks. I just started a painting last week with some cute characters and then, before I knew it, one of them had a mouth full of wicked teeth! Must be something in the air right now....

carla de leon

these are such amazing pieces... i love them so!

andrea gutierrez

i can't say enough times how much i love this! you are killing me sweetly with your creations..sigh...


These are gorgeous Lou x

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