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Wednesday, 20 January 2010



I hear ya!

She makes me think about children who are alone at school, go unnoticed and never belong even though their presence really ought to be seen.

Mathyld / encore petite

Oh how I adore her ! This little girl pleases me in every way.
Her long, black hair, her little mouth, the little ghostly bows with berries, her tiny feet, her little bunny and, Oh my Goodness, her dress !

Ok, needless to add how much I need her, now.
x x x

monika viktoria

She's very adorable. I like the colour scheme. The floral designs strewn about at her feet add a sweet element to the picture as well! well done, she's cute!!



I must admit, I watch a lot of subtitled asian "spooky" movies. This image reminds me very much of some of the children in these movies.

It's almost as if her hair is alive with a mind of it's own. Her expression leads one to believe that she is aware of this fact and has given the power over to the hair.

I am quite drawn to this piece:
Gerushia's New World



I keep trying to comment here, but I don't think it's going through. I adore this piece and I have so much I want to say, but I can't get my post to send. Darn!!


Thank you!
It has been nice to take a break to work on the old portraits once again:)

belinda:: little black forest

stunning as always. i love your dark haired girls!.


lovely ! bravo from paris !

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