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Tuesday, 05 January 2010


Mathyld / encore petite

This is utterly beautiful. Stunning.
Your art is getting to a whole new level ...

By the way, I was so happy to read that you won the super cute polar bear !
I was almost tempted to cheat and make you win my giveaway, as I badly wanted you to win (shhh don't tell anyone else !)

Kisses from a Parisian Night Owlette to a British One,
x x x



I have taken night-owlishness to a whole new level tonight, too - we are knee deep in snow at the moment and i was too excited to sleep. I am not quite sure whether to be shamed or proud of this little fact;)

I have to accompany my boyfriend to the dentist in six hours, so I must force myself to sleep very soon.

So happy about the polar bear! This is only the third competition that I have ever won in my life. The first was when my family dressed me as a silver fairy for the Queens Jubilee when I was 2, and the other was for a poem I wrote in junior school.

The poem was about snow. How things return!


i love how you capture the dreamlike quality in mend. like a beautifully hazy recollection. so so pretty.

maybe your junior school teacher was right.
let's change that to - maybe I was right...
i told you you should write

happy sleepy winter wonderland trip to the dentist

Carol Anne

Hello dear nightowl. Your latest work is spectacular. I never cease to be amazed by the endless magic that is your creativity. You are a bright light - a true inspiration - and I look forward to seeing your work dance into the unfolding year. Enjoy the snow! :) xx


Ahhhh...these are sooooo beautiful!

Lisa Falzon

Ah you are just so inventive!!! Part artist, part designer and that's for sure!

I love that single harlequin-patterned leg.. so inspiring! If you see a harlequin pop up in my paintings now you will know it is you who inspired it :)

Incidentally, I don't know if you have these already (Don't think so!) but I think your art would look so sweet on pocket mirrors. I get mine done at this Etsian:


then sell them in my own shop. :) They work really well because not everyone has room/likes to hang up art on their wall so this is another way of collecting art. :)



I am truly enjoying your new series. I especially love Harlequin. It's a wee bit of New Orleans popped into a world of black and white and sepia. I think the flow of the Harlequin girl's movement is what is most striking.

Gerushia's New World


Thank you all very much indeed xxx

Withoutwords, we never got to see the dentist after all. The snow grew so big that the entire country appears to have taken the day off. I went walking in it instead, which was infinitely more preferable:)

Lisa, thanks for the tip. I will definitely check those out. I no longer have an account with etsy (the old shop was just sitting there after my move, and folks were still pilfering images form my sold items, so I finally closed it completely so as to protect the work) but hopefully this wouldn't cause a problem.


Hello! I have a question, but I don't know if there's a specific answer. I sometimes find a common style and atmosphere in works like yours, Benjamin Lacombe's, Nicoletta Ceccoli's, Sarah Faber's. They are whimsical, quite gothic, yet ingenuous. Is there a certain term to define this kind of art? Does it have a name?
Thank you :)


Dia, being only vaguely familiar with one of the artists you mention, I'm not quite sure that I can answer your question. But perhaps the term you are looking for is 'Lowbrow', although I would not say that I identify with that aesthetic personally - or at least, I have never particularly felt any direct connection to it.

That said, art will always be pushed into some sort of category, so considering my predilection for childhood themes, occasional darkness and so on, I am most likely teetering on the edge in the minds of many:)


Thank you! :) I hope I haven't given the impression that I'm trying to cathegorize, I agree that each artist has a unique style. But I am trying to find more artists who share this particular atmosphere and a name would have been useful. Indeed, I've seen that some name it lowbrow art, but it's quite a broad term and many of the creations are quite screaming, comparatively with the ethereal air of your works and of the ones I've mentioned.
Thanks again for your reply! :)

A Fanciful Twist

Mmmmmmm, yummy again! Children tending to leaf growing creatures, I love it!

And the illustrations and hints of colors are scrumdillyumptious!


merci miss V! xxx

Dia, I do know what you mean, and all that I can come up with is the idea that works tend to become categorized due to them sharing something of a similar 'surface' aesthetic - even if the meanings behind the works are varied and unrelated. My most powerful influences and inspirations come from artsits such as Leonora Carrington and Paula Rego, although stylistically this is not apparent in my art.
I am well and truly stumped as to the exact terminology which might be applied to the works you mention. However, I am so glad that you have introduced me to the likes of Benjamin Lacombe!


They're so dreamy and lovely, so beautiful!


Lousise, you are certainly moving to another place with these pieces. So much to see & love in every one.

I absolutely love the idea of children tending to wounded trees (& anything else in nature!)

While taking a much younger cousin (I'm 31; she's 7) for an afternoon walk, I advised her to thank the trees with every taking of a leaf or a pear or an acorn. I expected her to laugh, or tell me I was nuts, but she didn't. She did, however, suggest that most trees are too old to really care.

Oh, well. I tried.


These are beautiful! I love the direction your art has travelled in. It's fascinating to visit your page each day and see how your art is progressing.

The humanoid portraits with animal heads was so interesting and now this is a completely fresh path. It was a brilliant transition and while it's a different style, it's all still very you. Great job.


Thanks again for such encouraging, thoughtful comments. xxx


You are fabulous. These are so lovely.

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