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Saturday, 30 January 2010



Oh! i like so much.
Saludos desde España!!

Beth Perry



Where to begin?

The creature with the spine of nails breaks my heart because no one can ride it now (you see, in my dreams every creature is ride-able), unless those nails turn into soft tentacles in the right company. But I digress. I am intrigued by that creature, so much so that I would love to see it again.

I absolutely love the wing. I can see someone entering it (perhaps there's a door that only become visible when someone approaches) & taking flight.

I find it interesting that the white horse is not fully articulated. Makes me think it appeared to you as an apparition -- white, soft, glowing.


I am loving your progression of images. Your hand painted work has a rawness to it which is delightful. I think "White Horse Dream" is so amazing, I would love to hear about your choice of imagery (the meaning of it, that is). Or, perhaps your choices are subconscious? It's nice to see your work flip-flop from digital to hand.


Hope you are magically well, Lou, and enjoying the recent bright nights beneath the wolf moon. As always, so wonderful to see your work. I absolutely adore Dream Wing. I think this speaks to me in ways that I have yet to understand. All I know is that it's just celestial. Bright wishes to you, dear one. xx


SUPER DUPER TALENTED GHOST......i loveeee it !!

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