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Wednesday, 27 January 2010


monika viktoria

I really like the hooded girl.. the fact she has her little hood on as well as a leotard rather than a traditional dress.. she looks almost like she should be part of a circus. Adorable pieces :-)


You really aren't happy with Werewolf? That makes me sad because it seems so alive to me. The brush strokes, the muted colors. Very strong.



Really? Well I love the Werewolf painting! So much mystery.

Lisa Falzon

I absolutely adore these.. love the one with the transforming creature at the bottom.

You know, something of the poses of the girls and the naivety of the watercolour reminds me of the work of Henry Darger. Do you know him? I hadn't up until some months ago when someone linked a documentary about him on youtube. I was asbolutely amazed by him.. not only his art which is stunning, but his strange strange life...


<3 these to bits Louise :)


thanks xxx

lisa, i first heard of Darger during my college years and always associate him with a fantastic series called 'journey's into the outside' presented by jarvis cocker. I have no idea if he was actually presented in this series, but there were many similar, recluse artists from the past featured around Europe.

i was initially surprised to find he had such a cult following online. a curious man - the paintings fascinate me, and i wish they were available in book format.



I love the layering of these pieces. So dark and full of depth....

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