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Sunday, 31 January 2010


Ms. Smart

You have such an active mind. Her skin looks nice, ya did good. Interesting for you to expand your village of characters.


Hello - a big thank you for visiting my blog! I am a HUGE fan of your work, you are really talented and I love the process of your work. This little girl is really cute and love the skin tone too. Gorgeous work!
Chrissy x


She is so, so, so pretty! I just want to kiss her and cuddle her. If I may ask - what is the significance of the tear / drop on the left? (I completely understand if you don't want to EXPLAIN YOUR SYMBOLS though!)



i think she's beautiful and i love her name...i also see a bit of the mystic in her :)


How odd! Thursday is my birthday, & to celebrate I thought about commissioning a portrait from you of a brown-skinned girl surrounded by woodland animal spirits (foxes, squirrels, deer, rabbits). My skin is the color of peanut butter, you see, & I wanted that child to be a reflection of sorts.

I have to say your Celene is quite beautiful! The yellow compliments her skin wonderfully, & her hair! So lovely!



She is so beautiful. She looks like a gorgeous little mayan schoolgirl. I don't know if you meant for her to look mayan, but she does to me and I adore her!

Lisa Gallup

I think she's beautiful...you did a great job! Her face makes me think that she DEFINITELY knows more than people think she does!


She is divine! The tea-stained background is perfect for her beautiful skin tone.

a fanciful twist

So beyond beautiful and delicate. I love her. Did you say ESP? I love it!

Oh and, I am beyond smitten with all this delving into paint and color in the posts below. They are all magnificent Louisie!! Yumm!


artandghost louise

thanks so very much for your kind comments!


andrea gutierrez

she is very beautiful and i love the expression she has on her face. like she holds many secrets inside...


She's a beauty ;)


yeah, it's beautiful.


The gold, brown and pink shades of her skin are simply gorgeous!

And your prints really are going to stand out on my daughter's bedroom walls :)


hi lou
i LOVE celene.. the luminosity of her skin and her look of quiet knowing.
dream wings is just amazing too.
my you have been busy bringing your interior worlds to life!
and i have been willing the world to burn me whilst on my travels in egypt.
upon returning i am now even more perplexed with the term 'home' and what it means.




love her face ; )


She is gorgeous! She looks like a wise little girl. I'm from The Philippines, and she reminds me of how once upon a time, little girls here get all dressed up for Sunday Mass :)

Really great job. This portrait is all happiness and warmth :)

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