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Wednesday, 13 January 2010



'hair suit' makes me think of the novel, _madeleine is sleeping_ by sarah shun-lien bynum. do you know it? it's one of my favorites! i saw it in the bargain section of a b. dalton, 3 years ago. read it in a day.

as i said in a previous message, i love the direction your work has taken. there's something so deeply personal about these pieces, each one a meditation of sorts.



I love the shoes with the flowers growing out. Perfect. :]


beautiful! x


Lovely....Stunning!! I'm taken aback by the sheer elegance of these drawings! Your ever so talented!! :) (and, I'm seriously coveting those patterned stockings, as well!!) :)


mmmmmmmm..... so pretty. I would buy a book full of them if it existed. I bet you have the most fascinating worky sketch books!


they are all wonderful but hair suit really touches me!


oh j'adore! j'adore!

...but then what's new?
especially i am drawn to the girl in 'braids 2' and am intrigued to discover what she is shying away from,
or maybe what has caught her attention that we can't yet see..

Mathyld / encore petite

Ok, so as I already stated that I love the fact that they seem to come out of one of our favourite films ... ;)
But the braids on the second girl ... That haircut totally reminds me of Sarah Kay & Holly Hobbie's little girls !!! I loved them !

x x x

Jody Silkey

These are wonderful!!!!


I love these drawings. Awesome.


Haven't seen much pencil work from you before, love your pencil drawings, really beautiful! ♥

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