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Sunday, 10 January 2010


A Fanciful Twist

It is wonderland in your world! Chocful of all sorts of other bits and bobs of wonderment! Your wee galls are lovely, like little tops you can spin, with beautiful illustrations in delicious peaceful colors.

Happy Sunday Lalalouie ;)


sarah knight

lovely : )


Aw, I love your drawings!
Pretty snow too! I am at the opposite end of the spectrum, I long for sunshine!


Lovely! The snow photos make me way too happy. :]

Mathyld / encore petite

So many pretty images again, Lou !
We finally had snow but I failed all my attempts to photograph it ... Boohoo ...

Your little polar bear is adorable and looks perfectly at ease in your gorgeous home. Must be him who brought all that snow :)

Have a wonderful Monday ♥
x x x


Everything about this post makes me smile and swoon! And Your beautiful snow-world!! :) Hooray for the lovely, silent blankets of white and faerie-flakes...I've been catching snow flakes and marveling at their singular beauty as of late, as well!

Your little sweets are adorable and I'm so taken with the colouring!!

Happy New Week!!


Oh, the snow is just gorgeous! I haven't seen snow since I was a teenager. I love your Lumi doll too!
<3 Toni


Thanks very much everyone:) We are enjoying the snow very much here!



One of these days, Lou, I'm going to visit your blog and my heart will actually burst right through my chest. It comes dangerously close every time...

Wendy Patterson

Utterly gorgeous:) wish I was home again and not in hot humid Sydney!

andrea gutierrez

i am constantly amazed and inspired by your wonderful creativity...lovely!

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