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Sunday, 27 December 2009



The cat painting/drawing is super cute :)


Dream on, I say. Dream on. These are really truly wonderful, Louise.


magnificent!!! I WANT A CHRISTMAS CARD! *controls self* I love all the layers in Forever Underground, the perspectives in it.

have a peek at all the snow we're having - it's mad but I think you'll like it! (blog.afiori.com) Today there's even more.


Fantastically fabulous, Lou! Here's wishing you a New Year full of enchantment and ever more enlightened creativity. Love love. x


I just love the hearts coming out of the rabbits mouth in "Forever Underground". Like love breath.
Your singing tree series is really cute. Electric colors, spontaneous and youthful. It looks like you are having fun with these. They are brightening my day!

A Fanciful Twist

I looooooove these! Oh the colors!!! Miam miam! xoxo

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