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Thursday, 10 December 2009


Jody Silkey

These paintings are gorgeous, I have been following your work for awhile, and I absolutely LOVE them! Keep it up, they are fantastic :)


Very interesting - how different from the art I normally associate you with! I understand what you mean about the ambiguity. I play with abstraction too sometimes and I think I need to because most of my work is photography (which some people still insist is a depiction of "reality" but I say no).

Is that a transparent rainbow flute? That's just not faaair!

I really like the painting layered over the photograph and I think the ones with plant elements would sell really well on Etsy... although very different from your other work.


THE JOY is beyond beautiful lou.

there is something so ridiculously seductive about paint. perhaps it reminds me in some weird (non-morbid) way of blood. an extension of ourselves.

i like the mess


The Joy is particularly compelling.

It is important to go back from time to time in order to move forward.

Is that a clear rainbow recorder?

louise (art and ghosts)

Thankyou folks!

It certainly is a rainbow recorder! I found it at Monsoon UK, the girls section. A little sheet of music to practice comes with it, which is kind of cute:)


I adore the Joy! It reminds me of summertime, which I am longing for right now. These paintings are wonderful!


Is there no end to your tallent? You have magic fingers!


Oh I can't help but butt in with regards to your rainbow recorder. It is rather gorgeous, however let me tell you, be warned....it doesn't become so when you have a 2 year old on one, and a four year old on the other blowing with all their might!!!

louise (art and ghosts)

Thanks Toni!

And Kate:)
I almost bought my friends little daughter one for xmas....then thought twice, haha!


omg... You need to learn from my mistakes; not sure if you read this post:



I just realised you ALMOST bought the recorder. I'm a bit ill today & not thinking clearly. Still, I learnt a lesson about 2-year-olds and flutes :)

cass and cady

so pretty!

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