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Sunday, 20 December 2009


Mathyld / encore petite

Yay ! Myrtle is back ! And she's aceness !
I am so glad you kept "McFluff" :D
x x x


Waaaah! MYRTLE!
You're just a ball of fluff
but I think you're really tuff
Your eyes are very big and blue
I think you're so cute, I really love you!
You are white and soft and almost look like lace
and I bet you are allergy safe!


a really big fox just ran past my window.
In the middle of town on a lonely street.


My dear Louis, the new work is really amazing,
Love the color, textures and the animals. I would love live there!
Merry Xmas my dear!


Dear Lou, here's wishing you and your loved ones fantasy filled days of festive fun. I hope 2010 is an enchanting year for you. Much love, dear one. xx

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