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Thursday, 19 November 2009


Frankie Kins

Wow! I love the "looking glass" pieces, especially the redhead. Well, it was kind of hard to decide, because I like the other girl "hanging out" of the frame, too. Yummy stuff, as usual! :D


Hair, colours ... everything.


Oh Dear!! Your doing it again!! making me swoon! These are stunning!! :)


These are absolutely gorgeous! The very first mirror image is definitely a new favorite. I felt the same way about mirrors when I was a little girl and was also disappointed when discovered how they work ;) Imagination is a little girls best friend.


love them! as i love alice.

louise (art and ghosts)

Thank so much:)

I have been creating a little more than usual lately (alongside commission work), perhaps going a bit too far, i think. I go through periods where I can't stop myself from working through the night, then complain of not getting enough sleep^^

By the time I had uploaded these last night, my eyes were spinning, and I was quite unsure as to what to make of the these images. I literally loathed The Pool initially, but I am now growing really fond of it.


Lisa Falzon

I LOVE these!

And whatsmore, I was also obsessed with Ozma in the mirror in Return to Oz. That film is largely responsible for my current sensibilities, tendencies, and likes in general... I love it ♥. Though my favourite bit is a toss up between the Queen and her heads in the cabinets.. and the Nome king making Dorothy choose the things in that room of ornaments.. oh how that room haunted me! Sometimes for fun to this day I'll grab something green in a shop and cry out 'Oz!'

And Drew my hughwayman smiles because he gets it of course :)


Beautiful beautiful images. I am drawn to the one in the middle. The girls face is so perfect. The way she has her head to the side...a nice pose and great composition.


i love 'the pool'.
deliciously dark and mysterious and her expression suggests that she knows more than she should...

your darker images - if not in theme then simply in colour - are magnetic.

i have a thing about mirrors. especially in the dark.
scare the hell out of me.

jemma murphy

i adore these they are really stunning pieces!!

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