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Tuesday, 17 November 2009





so charming! have you explored why a sycamore?

louise (art and ghosts)

Rachael, it was actually a true experience - i can recall thinking that myself and my favourite tree (on the farm where i grew up) were a part of the same being, or soul, as if we did not have a separate consciousness - and all this from a child's perspective at the age of seven. It was a very painful, weird feeling, and I have often wondered whether other children preserve memories of similar separation experiences.
Or perhaps it would be better described as discovering my own individuality...I don't know.

Many years later I returned to the place where I grew up, and much of it has been built over - except my tree was still there, and it was then that I learned it was a sycamore.



Oh she is stunning...I think one of my very favorites!! I have, as of late, thought it would be a beautiful thing, indeed, to become a tree! :)

Thank You for your very kind words over at my little blogling, too! Your so sweet!!


i'm sure there are others as well...there must be. you and the tree are kindred spirits! i'm so glad it is still there at your childhood home, even if you can only visit now :)



I've heard that Sycamore trees keep fairies away and stop them from spoiling milk. Also, I read in one of my garden books that in England and Wales, the Sycamore tree is used in cemetaries.

Gerushia's New World


Oh Lou, it's me again. I just wanted to tell you that I'm reading a book called "The Sister". While reading today, I came across a piece of the story that brought your tree to mind.

One of the sisters is explaining what the land around their sprawling old Victorian looks like. There's a tree on the property and only the sisters knew it's secret...

"Then there are the things that only Vivi and I knew about, like the holm oak that looks solid from the outside but is completely hollow in the middle. If you climbed up its branches it was possible to lower yourself into the guts of the tree, where we'd agreed to hide when the Germans came."

Can you imagine, a hollow tree for the wee girls to hide in during WWII? I want a hollow tree for myself.

Well, that's all Lou. You just came to my mind while reading today.


louise (art and ghosts)

Thank you, folks!

Kim, the book sounds exquisite - you are so thoughtful:)


Ilike the new look...


So beautiful & evocative!

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