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Sunday, 01 November 2009


the littlest hobo

It's taken a little while this evening to catch up on these lovely latest creations.

Her cap is exactly the colour of the ocean outside my window, just near the edges where the moon has softly danced up midnight blue ripples.


Loved these - especially the first one. Those little red ballet slippers are adorable!


So adorable! Is she dancing to the sound of raindrops tap tap tapping on a nearby roof? The chime-like melody of icicles tumbling off trees? Would you believe I imagine snowflakes as dancing girls in lace, oblivious to the fact that the sun wants them dead? Weird, I know. I want your little dancer, though, framed and sitting on my mantle. I love that her nose is red, makes me think the air is cold.

A Fanciful Twist

Oh my goodnessss, what I have missed in one week or less alone.

Your wee vampiress below, Lydia, LOVE HER!

And this sweet lil' Lapin - be still my dancing heart.

Your works speaks directly to the desires of my dream waves, over and over Lalalaalou!




Your new pieces are quite intriguing, and a bit different for you, I think.

I like that they have an almost "circus-y" feel. In an odd and whimsical sort of way. I adore the way she is just teetering upon her little ballet foot!

Bianca Stewart

I keep coming back to these. What I did not notice before was how focused your little dancer looks in this second image. Such concentration! Perfectly pointed toes, hands flat and still for balance, eyes fixed on something we cannot see. I can almost hear her counting, Up 1-2-3.


Oh!! These are pure magic, Miss Lou!! I love her wee pink nose! tee hee! :)

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