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Sunday, 07 June 2009



Gretel in lederhosen - why not indeed?
Enjoy the Lakes x

Melissa de la Fuente

These are absolutely gorgeous! I love the color that you are adding to your silhouettes. How wonderful!


They are all so gorgeous and creative! I love each in it's composition. And such a unique way of doing sillhouettes! Wish I had thought of it first :P Keep up the wonderful work!


They are all fabulous, what a great idea to add such beautiful colors.


all works is wonderful!!


I LOVE your Hansel and Gretle!


Absolutely beautiful!!!


LOUISE! Get some Clarityn! You'll be skipping about meadows full of flowers in no time.

Particularly love the photographs this morning.


wow! it's been a while since I visited here but I am loving this new illustration style. the bright colours contrasted with the black silhouettes is really effective! I don't know if you remember me, but I emailed you about your practice! I'm just curious, how do you about changing styles? Is it just curiousity, or does it just happen without you noticing?
really appreciate your work! :) make more!!!


thanks for your comments folks~!!!

Jesse - the style isnt so different, to my mind, for my silhouettes have always been more 'graphic' than my other works. the motifs and ideas are still very much the same as ever, really. it is always exciting to see how figures and shapes appear in silhouette. i tend to do a fresh batch of them every six months or so....and this one isnt over yet:)


I adore the new silhouettes! Will you be adding any to your shop? :)


haha, i can really imagine you going all mad, ripping your hair out arranging those patterned leaves!
it's so frustrating to get stuck in the photoshop madness, i do it all the time.. sitting for hours just tilting the color of a hand in a picture one step or two, unable to deside which is the better choice. and then, when i finally reach out for opinions i realize that no one, except myself, notices the difference :D


I'll have to check out some of those books. Sounds interesting.


The new silhouettes are lovely - I'm especially fond of "Hansel & Gretel" and your fresh interpretation.

Oddly enough, the book I am reading right now is "The Seance." I picked it up at the library and it sat around my house for a few days (for some reason, I had decided I wasn't in the mood to read it). Out of desperation, I started it, and now I'm totally sucked in.


Oh my! Louise! I think these are my favorite of your works so far (but I love them all, your magical, haunting creations!) :)

I'm enjoying your lovely little glimpses of summer,too! :) Ever so perfectly Pale a dreamy and filled with flowers!


As a fellow hayfever sufferer, I can sympathize with how you're feeling. It doesn't help me much, that I have a sweet little kitty cat running around outside. Her fur, mixed with whatever delicious summer pollens she seems to bring inside, has me dusting just about everyday.

As for your silhouettes, I really admire your work and I have to say, these are just beautiful. I'm very fond of the Unicorn.


I love snow white and all of the color!

a fanciful twist

Oh my goodnesssss. Breathtaking. I loooove the feel of the fairytales in silhouette and the abstractions and colors surrounding them... Truly magical!

And you spring shots are bliss! I hop eyou feel better soooooon! I know how you feel :)



These silhouettes are absolutely amazing. Do you do contract work? Can you make logos? Do you have a fee schedule or some other information? I am working on a new website venture and in need of a logo. I am leaving my email address. Please let me know how much you charge and where you are based.


I mean this as a compliment when I say that this is the STRANGEST website I have EVER seen! Your art is very beautiful. Amazing. Your work reminds me of Edward Gorey illustrations - they're a wonder to look at.


Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I've been browsing your blog for a little while now. Your work is absolutely beautiful, I hope you don't mind if I add you to my links on my own blog?



Again, thanks so much everyone for your comments!
I have tried to answer many via email:)



I love the combination of all of the black and colors.

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