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Sunday, 31 May 2009



Your website and your art are so tremulously beautiful.


oooh, i want one of those mugs!


Wow, I love your blog the images are so beautiful. I so want to go back to my girlhood hauntings now too! A super duper dolly that one you just got. I am anticipating a doll in the mail right now myself and it's so exciting. One from Ana Salvadore. Charlotte is the name. If I could ever learn how to post pictures maybe I'll post her on my site someday.
Anyway, I enjoy your blog.


Oh!!! The mug is awesome and love your new "M" print...LOL...

Looks like you had a beautiful day in the country.


Simply exquisite.


Seola's pictures are captivating!
I adore the tones and your style! Truly lovely!
That lens flare is awesome...I don't know why but lens flare are so magic! I love it when I get them and is not as pretty as yours usually.
Totally cool hershape sunglasses and they look so nice on you!


I'm so infatuated with your new model. I have yet to take the resin doll plunge - but oh, how beautiful some are! I keep meaning to try my hand at sculpting my own. Maybe someday....

The mug looks great - I hope there are plans for more designs. How thrilling it would be to have a set of Art and Ghosts mugs!


Oh Louise! Your photographs are stunningly lovely! I want to melt into those dream-sunny scenes! :)

And I had no idea Hawk and Hacksaw had a new album out!! Hooray!! :) I love their work...it brings so many stories to my mind!


Oh what a lovely doll, she's just beautiful! And the place you grew up is wonderful, so glad you can still enjoy it. I like the mug and your new prints too.

Jamie :)
p.s. those glasses are killer


The Dollstown girls are amazing. Congrats on your Seola. I think you would love the Alice in Labyrinth dolls, too. They have a magical quality about them that I adore.


How about Miranda?


I keen on your photographs of dolls, landscapes ... so magnificient ! ^^

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