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Saturday, 25 April 2009



thankyou my darling girl-you made my heart beat with -everything .


I love that Royal Ballet production of Beatrix Potter tales! I think it made me fall in love with England when I was 2, and I have remained so.


Ooh, all the pretty flowers!
The photo with the mask is utterly beautiful. If I didn't have a problem with leather I'd want ALL those masks!

I remember watching the Beatrix Potter ballet film when I was really little, in the 80s, along with my aunt - it would be on tv around every new year and then they just stopped showing it. We've been trying to find it on video or dvd but haven't succeeded.


Fantastic! Thank you for sharing that Lotte Reiniger animation, I've never seen it before!

I love the Beatrix Potter ballet costumes so much, they're so perfect and detailed.


thanks lou for such an inspiring and beautiful post!


thanks lou for such an inspiring and beautiful post!


beautiful!! i love the photos with the mask!


Awwww.. what/who is Georgie?! He's so heartbreakingly adorable! x


I just stumbled upon your blog and all I can say is WOW!! Truly amazing work.

caitlin from nice-etc

honored to have my shade included amongst all these dreamy things! ...i had forgotten about the beatrix potter ballet!
you must, but just in case, do you know about brambley hedge?


So many fairy tales and whimsical dreams today!! :) I'm currently engrossed and swimming madly in the work of Alfonse Van Besten.........I do so love autochrome!!

Hope your having a lovely day!!


Lovely Blog!! This is my first time seeing your blog and it is great!


andrea gutierrez

wow, i can't decide which photos i like best but that crocheted like chandelier! oh, i am fawning over it!

p.s. masks are the best. i'm making one for my daughter right now...

Kimberly Wlassak


It's so very interesting that every artist has a path to inspiration. You are struggling to grasp the new spring sunlight. Gone are your silent winter trees.

I, on the other hand, am desperately looking for light, running away from darkness and my own nightmares. Although, I must admit, I do love bare trees.

Garden Painter Art


Wonderful work! I love it!!!


Who is the darling Georgie? I am totally captivated. Is there somewhere I can see more? Or read his story?

a fanciful twist

Lallaaa Lou, this is a beautiful post! I am loving it all over again, and enjoying all the images!!


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