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Friday, 01 May 2009


Kimberly Wlassak


I absolutely must own a print of "The Birthday Present". Next to Rabbits, little squelly pigs are my most favorite of animals! I have a small collection of them already. Will this print find it's way into your Etsy shop? I would love to hang this print in my new studio.

Happy Birthday to your brother.

My dearest friend in the whole world lost her second child, a daughter, to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). She had 3 more children after that. Every year on Erika's birthday, each family member releases a helium balloon in her honor.

As always, thank you so much for sharing your world.

Garden Painter Art


Beautiful images!!
Marion is lovely! Great story about the piglets...she does kind of look slightly disappointed but keeping her pose.
I love your art!
Sorry to hear about your brother. :(


Oh how I love your birthday present print. You are so talented, I could look for hours.
So sorry to hear about your brother.

pat (mum)

truly magical and inspirational blog
nice sentiments to your long lost beloved brother, quite touching to read your friends comments.
my theatrical days (ug) hated every minute of every production, it was just not my thing at all, but unfortunately for me at least it was compulsary.
but that was then and this is now,and we just have to get on and use what time we have in doing what we ourselves enjoy.
l don.t know where you get your talent from(maybe your father) that was a joke.
carry on for ever with your special talentyou obviously make a lot of people very happy with your work.
look forward to future blogs
luv always mum xxxxxx

Kimberly Wlassak

Good Morning Lou:

I just have to keep coming back to have a look at Marion and her piglets! I love everything about it, especially the tilt of Marion's head.

If you have a chance, stop by my blog this weekend, as I am having a giveaway.

Garden Painter Art

Jessica Acosta

...the pigs! I love the pigs.

I too am touched by the remembrance of your brother. Happy Birthday little soul.

Frankie Kins

Lou, I'm so jealous of your beautiful self portraits. It's just not fair for you to be so young and beautiful and me not be right along side you. (pout, pout) :D See, if I were still young and beautiful, then we could take pictures of both of us together. hehe...I'm just kidding around. But your face lends itself to art in the most perfect of ways. and Marion is beautiful. I'm not so sure about the pigs though. Is there a deep meaning behind them>

As always, lovely, lovely, lovely!


What a beautiful new piece, Lou!! :) As always I'm so glad I dropped in on this rainy, overcast Spring day to see all your beauties and magical offerings!! :)


Dear Louise,
i will try and send the drawing soon,
have a good day ♥


you work is amazing!


Such lovely images - Why can't my world look like that everyday? Any day? I guess it's always good to have something to aspire to, no?

As for the "little bean filled dudes" I have a baby dressed in orange like the one in blue. My mom gave it to me in the '70's.

Thank you for all your lovely inspiring posts.

Sonia Luna

As usual, amazing images!
The "little bean filled dudes" bring me back, I used to have a few when I was a kid, but I've never seen the animal ones before, they are cute!


I absolutely adore the image of marion xx


really loving your blog..will be back for more! xox

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