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Friday, 24 October 2008



Ohhh, that commission piece is so gorgeous!


Love that bunny bear! and of course that commission piece which is stunning.

Cat Mallard

I adore the sleepy bunnybear, and your commission .. is she a fencer? Its enchanting. I'm so glad I came across your blog. I find your work entrancing, mysterious like a partially told fairy tale.


Tracy cupitt

I adore your commissioned piece, does she have a name? It's truly stunning and the colours are beautiful and rich! I'm really loving your new header too xx

linda Hansen

I so love your stuff--if you aren't dreaming it feels that way when I look at your work! The silloutte (sp?) reminds me of the Neil Gaiman book, "Wolves in the Wall". If you haven't seen it, you should. The illistrations are wonderful--can't remember the guys' name who did the illstrations but his stuff looks like dreams too. Off to get more coffee ;0)

Frankie Kins

Lou, I adore the bunny and bear! Your work has certainly taken a different turn from a year ago...and it is just as exquisite as before. I love the softness of your illustrations and the colors are scrumptious!

danielle barlow

Your silhouette is divine! Maybe it's because I'm so fond of foxes? Or wooden floorboards?
By the way - I love The Wolves in The Walls - on the other hand, my children find it truly terrifying - The positive story is eclipsed by the menace in the illustrations for them!


your work is truly breathtaking!


God, I adore that commission piece. The richness of the colors and the girl's face. I think it may be my favorite piece of yours to date.


I love that commission piece. The face is so different...


Gorgeous...absolutely gorgeous..thank you! Lucia


Adorable and haunting all at once!! :) And your newest commissioned work is so, so , so lovely!!


I'm blown away (again) Lou -

andrea gutierrez

these are sweet new illustrations and i love the new blog layout, very nice :)

Katrine K

To be able to sleep well is a gift, it almost sound like your sleeping pattern are controlled by something out of reach of your control. Something cosmic, perhaps? How very strange.
I like the names Otto and Oskar -and love the images of them. (My son is called Oskar, if I ever get a new one he shall certainly be named Otto)


Yay for the bunnies! I love the new wallpaper piece too. And that commission is just gorgeous! Hmm...maybe I should commission you to do a portrait of Miss Ruby Roo one day. Wouldn't that be a fun piece? She is a delightful model... ;)


All of your work is fantastic. I look forward to every post! I think your style really lends itself to the soft face of the commission work shown here, though. Somehow, it is even more enchanting than usual. Keep it up!

lou (art&ghosts)

thanks so much everyone!
im very happy to hear your responses to the commission piece, too:)


Raquel Mckinnon

I absolutely LOVE your work, every piece is amazingly inspiring!
Magical.. and captivating.

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