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Friday, 31 October 2008



Hi, I saw your draws in the small magazine. I really love your work ^^.


Hi, I saw your draws in the small magazine. I really love your work ^^.


Hi Lou, sorry to hear about your house troubles. I've also just moved. It's a lovely house and I'm making it into our home but the area isn't nice. :( So I relate to some degree. I'm making a little book with inspirations for our forever home. And we're working hard to try and achieve the goal for one day choosing to live where we want to live in our "forever home".

Anyway, I love your little sketches. I need to do more sketching... I promised myself once, that I would sketch every day... you've inspired me. Thank you!

Oh and I love the current feel of your digital work.. the north... the cold.. the snow... my favourite time of year... And my place in the world is Norway... where I grew up (part of my childhood and teens, anyway).

Beautiful work as always. *hugs*


oh dear! I hope things get better for you and your house soon!!

Your drawings and paintings are so lovely and creative.....they have a delicate and magical quality about them! I love them!! :)


oh my! so many lovely works to look at here! i am especially fond of milk house - it brings back memories of lots of happy things from my childhood, like tramping through snowy cornfields with my brothers...

happy halloween!


finding a true home and that remains one for years is a true challenge.
I hope things will work out for you soon. And I am dreaming of the north along with you :)


i hope things begin getting better for you in your house. I know how terribly stifling and caging it can be to live in a place that does not become home for you.

I love your sketches. There is just something very delicate and emotional about simple lines on paper and nothing else.


I loved seeing your drawings! Sketchbooks are so wonderful, and I really enjoy peeking into the little books of other people - thank you for sharing yours!

I'm sorry about your house troubles! I'm glad, though, that you are able to address some of it in your work, and maybe that helps, if even in just a small way... I hope things get better soon or that you can figure out what to do next to make things get better quickly! :)

Happy Halloween,

Miss Dot

oh I am sorry to hear about your house troubles. I hope it all settles quickly for you.


I love Milk House..would likea live in it too..your doodles are gd..so dun be ashame of it ok..my fav doodle r the drawings with the little girl with wooden leg..esp the drawing of the boots..
sorry to hear about your house..im sure things will work out fine in time..

andrea gutierrez

these sketches are indeed very sweet...can't wait to see what you come up with next :)


Lou I am so sorry you are having neighborhood problems. I hope indeed that everything settles for the best. Your drawings are lovely and sweet and heartfelt.


Oh how beautiful the milk house is! And your sketches are lovely; I adore the rabbit in the ruff, he seems to be grinning at a private joke.

But I am so sad about your 'real' house, feeling unsafe in your own home is truly horrible and unsettling. I hope very much that you can find a solution. I've just reached the end of some house problems (not as bad as yours) so I am sending you the good luck and kindness that helped us out, may it help you too.


You're sketches are very pretty! I like the last one with girl wearing the...er...I suppose it is a beak? Whatever it is I like it allot!

A Fanciful Twist

Not Happy for house woes. A happy home with nice calm surroundings is ever so important... I am sending good outside the walls vibes!!

Your doodles are breathtaking, your northern house is charming and icey wonderful....

Magic as always!! xoxo, V


Oh dear, my heart goes out to you! ((hugs))) and positive thoughts are sent you way!
Anyways, your drawings are so neat! I love to see concept sketches, everyones process is so unique. And I LOVE the paint!
Take care!


very inspiring work...love your page


wonderful post!


Wonderful drawings! You say you don't do 'real' well what's real anyway? Who cares when you make such atmospheric work such as this? I love it all! :)


For some reason I especially like the girl sitting on the stool, she reminds me a bit of a series of classical childrens´ books, Papelucho, by the chilean writer Marcela Paz.

The milky house has that dreamy, solitary and slightly uncomfortable feeling you get when nightfall overcomes you in the outdoors. It just lasts a little while - once it´s dark, everything is at peace again.


Sorry about your house and the fires - scary!!

(did you watch A series of unfortunate events / Lemony Snicket?!)

I find your sketches exquisite!!! Especially the "pencil pencil Louise" one. Love it.

Maria-Thérèse / www.afiori.com

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