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Thursday, 11 September 2008


A Fanciful Twist

You are the silver and crimson girl that lives in a droplet of water. Floating from dreamscape to dreamscape.

Love all the garments (coat, yummmms) and yes, undergarments of the Victorian era are better than jam and toast... Or are they? hmmmm... yes, maybe so...

I looove your long post, even though you ended it in a ravenous state of needing to find edible specimens!! It was worth it! LOOOVE IT! xoxo

(ps: Louisie, you have such an incredible
eye for all things heart thumping and lovely)


chocolat is so eerie! I almost want to platter-ish thing to have some sweets on it. Actually, now that I look at it, the black seems to be a portal into another world perhaps?
Inspiring, sweet lacy clothes! They can be for winter time...layered under woolley things, yes? The victorians wore theirs year round.
Your posts are always such a nice combo of sweet and eerie, love!


Ah, Louise! I recently stumbled upon the Miss Selfridge website (and I saw that same coat!), but sadly discovered they don't ship to the U.S. *sigh* But I hope you enjoy the coat. I'm sure it's lovely in person.

lou (art&ghosts)

thanks muchly!

vanessa, you got here before the blindfolded ghost girl uploaded! i must disagree bout jam on toast, but if youre talking marmalade or honey.....:)

sarah, the platter is a mirror, although i did strive to make it un-obvious, hahee! i generally use the mirrors to reflect back something to the viewer, of sorts....a kind of symbolic twist.

nicole, they do not post worldwide? i would imagine they ought to! but then you have anthropologie, which has at present the most gorgeous pair of emerald t-bar shoes, which i so wish were my own!
the coat is quite lovely, but more so, for me, because i have a lot of trouble finding the right fit. for once i got lucky:)



Thanks for making me smile when I needed it.


ohh wonderful post..I love love love the new art..and the cute bag that you got..


Loving the imagery of the cobwebbed hairnet.

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