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Sunday, 17 August 2008


Frankie Kins

Oh, I adore the girl with the wooden horse under her arm. What's her name? She is SO sweet. Of course, you have used my favorite colors in the piece, too! Yay!


Honeypie is very sweet. I sure hope he doesn't get lost! The Ghostees are adorable. Have you ever seen the nature spirits in the movie Princess Mononoke? I'm sure you would totally love them.
I've got a huge collection of jars I need to weed out and get rid of. Maybe I'll try my hand at a few homemade terrariums before I recycle the rest. Thanks for the idea!

A Fanciful Twist

Your six legged Honey Boy is, is, let's see, he is, loveesmoocheycuriouscuddlebunnyable. Oh, and sweet of course.

We could never make terrariums together. We would get so out of control ;) Love them!! That little girl looks like someone I know name Louie!! xxoo


The girl at the end (I'll call her Misty), the way she fades into the background at the top and bottom gives her a 'floaty' quality. It's almost as if she's ghosting through a wall. it's very haunting.


Hi Lou,
I love the little mushroom terrarium. I might need to have one!
P.S. I am tagging you with a Tree of Happiness award, see my blog... please don't feel obliged to play :-)


Oh, are not those ghostees the cutest!!?? I've had one looking at me beside our computer screen for a while now (we got him last year) and he makes the perfect little haunted pet!! :)

terrariums are my love,too!! As is anything with moss on or near it!! ;)

Happy Thunderstorms....we are soon to get a tropical storm!! eeeep!


thanks so much for sharing Petite House with us....I am now a fan too.


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