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Thursday, 03 April 2008


lurking helen

How wonderful of you to create something lovely from such ugly material (the theft, I mean).

I hope you're feeling better now; it was a horrible thing to happen.

Tiffini Elektra X

Oh Louise! I love Image Thief!! That does just so very suck! I had a seller on Etsy who someone alerted me to that was selling my work. (One who consistently gets her work on the front page no doubt). . .she was just taking my exact pictures and putting them in her jewelry. Although - it did crack me up in her feedback someone said. . cute image but a bit pixelated! Anyway, she removed right away when I emailed her - although she has stole from so many artists. Then the other day someone alerted me to a person who was selling collage sheets with my images on eBay. I mean seriously! It is so weird the gull of some people. Also in both of these recent cases both gals had the nerve to express in all caps no doubt. ALL MY IMAGES ARE COPYRIGHTED DO NOT STEAL MY IMAGES. . .blah blah yada yada! I am so thankful to these sweet folks who find these freaks and out them to artists!
I am so sorry! So frustrating I know! Well at least a gorgeous piece came out of such a mess!! Xo


How brilliant! love it! and as said previously i applaud you to have come up with such a gorgeous piece from such a mess!


i agree with one of the comments on flickr, you gave that image thief an awesome pet!

i don't get what's wrong with some people. they think any printed material is fair game. like every time i see a frida kahlo or disney or elvis image in someone's jewelry, etc., i'm like, watch out!


beautiful painting! yes, they are so cute and sweet :D


the 'buy my book' link is broken. thought you should know.


Oh! I love your blog! It's the world in my head I always wanted to have!


thanks very much, everyone! xxx

Tiff - the pixelated thing is the worst, im now quite sure how they can bear it;) we were also talking of a name-and-shame group on flickr the other day, hehe.....



hi lou! oh dear, that sucks!! but you did make something amazingly lovely out of that ordeal. i love "image thief"! way to channel your frustration. =) the website is almost done, i am in the process of printing little pocket mirrors with your lovely artwork as promos, i'll send you one when it's printed! =) xx

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