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Monday, 21 April 2008



I am SO happy to have just found your work, it is breathtaking and very thought-provoking. I especially love how in almost every image of a female you wrap their hair around their bodies- it makes me think of the Victorian age when a woman's hair was thought to be a direct symbol of her sex and, thus, as her most important physical possession, a tangible representation of her virginity. With relation to the "cots" you draw as cages for these women, is their hair supposed to imply the imprisonment of women by their femininity?

museum of fire

Those stretched fingers in The Cot make my hair stand on end with some kind of ultraweird anticipation (lucky the fan's not on).

Are you sure that's *really* the film version of the Magic Toyshop? I'd grown long convinced its mysterious existence was purely mythical... you lucky thing!


I love the Dulcimer one, I like the cold atmosphere, the static feeling, and her outfit. Beautiful and intriguing at the same time.

I never heard of this movie before: Magic Toyshop. It looks like something I would enjoy, if the movie is good. I´ll try to find it. I love Todd Browing's "Devil Dolls".

Frankie Kins

Dulcimer is going to be one of my favorites. I love the colors, the girl and especially her name. (I had one once...a dulcimer, that is.)

Heathcliffe is stunning in his chair with his mask. Love it, love it, love it.

I'm still mulling over the third one. I just have to think about it for a while and let it simmer.

Have a great day, dear Lou!

S McGrath

I am so jealous that you have a copy of the Magic Toyshop... My husband and I have been searching for a copy for years!...

breathtaking work!... as always



thanks very much xxx


P. - My interests in hair, and cots are purely personal, not essentially universally symbolic. Like dreams, really, they are continuously alluding to something particular to 'me', my own experience.
I am rather obsessed with long hair on boys, too, so it is not an issue of femininity, here. And virginity doesn't quite enter the equation because my models are always children.
But thank you for such a thought provoking comment. It requires me to ponder the work from fresh angles, which is always a treat.




I think dulcimer's hair might be the most wonderful thing I've seen this week...

I wonder if the girl in the cot is just in the process of discovering that all she has to do in order for the world to be what she wants is to simply step outside the cot, she is tentatively feeling out her boundaries and it is starting to dawn on her that they may not be nearly as rigid as she expected.

We are often trained to stay within our cots, even when it would be simple to leave (like elephants in Thailand who can be restrained with a simple string), and all we have to do is simply step over the side-guard and the world is whatever we can make of it.

A Fanciful Twist

I think I am totally in love with Heathcliffe!! No no, I am sure of it!! Oh Louise, I love your world and your creations, and those other treats!! Yumyum!!!! xoxoxo (and the fern animal!!)


i love Dulcimer's hair! beautiful piece as they all are. i really like her self portrait!


love love love the dog!!!


Heathcliffe has stolen my heart x



looks like i will have to keep a close eye on that hound! I knew he was a charmer, but....now he is literally ablaze with smugness:)


Grey Gardens for ever!♥
oh Heathcliffe is the ideal companion.


oh Lou you are too much! I love the short haired girl, it's so tangled and wonderful! She was brave to cut her own hair (I am assuming she did) Dulcimer juxtaposed with The Cot (long hair vs. short, free standing vs. in a safe place such as a crib) wow these are great together.
xoxo sarah


socks and coziness...lovely

Katrine K

I love Dulcimer, the name is curious -and her hair! Very breathtaking. Did she cut her own hair? First, I thought perhaps there was a wig lying there, but I guess she has cut her own hair and put it neatly in the box.
I saw a documentary program on TV that was about the Grey Garden and the sisters, very very fascinating.


Lou! I LOVE Angela Carter, did not know this film existed! Now I am off to a hunt myself. I love your new creations. I can't wait to see more of your new work.


Oh wow Dulcimer is beautiful

Lisa Kettell

Just started blogging again a few weeks ago and wanted to stop by your blog, I love it and the new works too!
P.S. The Magic Toy Shop is great!
Magic and Joy!

michelle ward

i went running over to etsy to snatch a dulcimer to have on the wall with some others i have of yours. *pouts* hope to see her there soon as she is a stunner.

just fab lou. and bravo for the post below.


Heathcliffe looks like the twin brother of my Cinnamon ~ a dog we had until she passed just a couple years ago... the picture pulls at my heart ~ thank you for sharing it <3


The magic toyshop? What is that...this I must find out!! Grey Gardens... Own it and the follow up dvd. My sis and I imitate little Edie all the time. Love her and her little melodramatic phrases.


Oh I haven't seen The Magic Toyshop for years....thank you for posting about it...I shall add it to my wishes.

Heathcliffe is wonderful its like he is waiting so hard for something. His eyes remind me of my little dogmonster Shadow.

Black-Eyed Suzie

Heathcliffe reminds me of my friends' rescued greyhounds, Horace and Roma...Horace is from Enlgand, Roma from Mass.. And Angela Carter...sigh. The Bloody Chamber is my all-time favourite. As for the copycatting- I've been meaning to email you about that. I'll be in touch tomorrow!


I've never heard of that film but it intrigues me! I will have to try and see if I can find it!
Lovely hunting work as always. I'm just in awe of your abilities!


I am fascinated by the story of Gray Gardens, and your Heathcliff is magnificent!


I'm obsessed with your work. How can I buy some of the prints that aren't available on etsy?


I was stumbling through and was really just planning to scan over the page and move on... but for some reason, your work pulled me out of my internet-browsing-zombie-state... It makes me feel oddly peaceful, like some memory I've lost from my childhood.

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