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Monday, 10 March 2008



Man...this makes me want to write a children's book. Or at least, read one (about them).


I have had your shop in my etsy favourites for a while now, this is so beautiful it is easy to see why.


thanks both xxx


ooooo, Tilly is def. my favorite. Since I'm not their mother, I'm allowed to have a favorite.


How wonderful. I've been look at your shop for a long time...even sent a link to my son so he could see what I was so ga ga over. Your talent is outstanding...and I love all of your themes!


"Stella" is my favourite. It reminds me of the stories when sailors happen on an island that is, in fact, the head or back of a giant animal...


They are all stunning!


thankyou xxxx

some of my email replies keep bouncing back lately. please bear with me on this one;)

lou x


I like them all, but that Stella.... Well, she sees right through me.


Your work makes me happy, and I mean the paintings and the writings too. I feel as if I could swim among the words and float over the images. I can't say why but your girls go straight to my heart. Is it because I see part of myself in them? If so, it's a very secret part, hidden from my knowledge and awareness. I so ENJOY your work I check in several times a day to see what's new. Thank you.


hello again, I thoroughly enjoyeeeed gliding through your blog,what you achieve with hair is amazing, and your writing as always is inspirational.what more can l say,
apart from more, more, more.
love always mumxxxxxxxx

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