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Thursday, 27 March 2008


Frankie Kins

Yummy,yummy work! I love the new dolly(ies). I can't wait to get home and play with mine.

Seriously, Lou, the shots are beautiful!



Your new doll is amazing! I really love it!
Your pictures make this porcelain doll alive.


freaking gorgeous.
love the frames, too!

Missy Sue Hanson

Beautiful! I love your work!


Such a beautiful work. Makes me want to cry.

I don't post comments often, but I always come to see and always love your expanding dreamworld.

Thanks a lot.


thanks very much, everyone!



"The Princess" reminds me of Christina Ricci before she got so distressingly gaunt. When (IMO) she was nicer-looking, in other words.

Observation about Rosette and Summerhouse (or actually more of a question): Why do you think it is that folding their hands in front of them seems to be more of a "girlish" trait?

In my life I think I've known one *boy* who ever did that...and it was me.

Sorry to go off on a tangent there, but you sparked my curiosity...


you fill my heart with joy every time.
thank you.


I'm 12 and I love looking at your blog. Really great stuff. I'm an artist too. I make beaded jewelry. You are so unique!! Cambria


Ben - i hand't intended the pose of the hands, but this particular doll is a bit difficult to position, so her hands do suit being moved forward slightly.
As for the girlish trait, an old fashioned one, i suppose, and modest too...

Dna - thanks very much!

Cambria - Im glad you stopped by! and thankyou for such kind words:)


Lisa Rivas

Beautiful, beautiful!

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