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Friday, 28 March 2008



Wonderful, dreamlike! And aren't those vivid dreams the best? Sometimes I dream in photos and when I wake up, I feel so alive.

A few years ago I was inspired by the French paintings of courtesans playing hide and go seek games in gardens - blindfolds, low cut gowns - and created two photographs based on those images. Your Parlour Game images are of course more innocent but remind me of those French paintings. It IS exciting to play such games, to take risks, to trust.


Breathtaking as always! Your new girl is a wonderful model. Oh, Louise! Just when I think I've decided on which prints I'd like to add to my collection you make more dreamy images. :0)
Hugs, Louisa


So lovely. What are these dolls? I've never seen them before --I would love to see more.

Frankie Kins

BEautiful new work. You are putting out so much wonderful work lately, so much that I fear you must not be sleeping.....well, you are probably most dilligent.

Again, congratulations, on a job well done.

I can hardly wait for more.


haunting and beautiful. i am so intrigued by the frames and the scratches and the bubbles and layers.....amazing!

what a sweet moggie!

A Fanciful Twist

Oh Lou, the secret girls are completely mesmerizing. And they are soooo beautiful!! I am quite certain they must conjur up many little tricks, without anyone noticing, due to their enchanting loveliness.... Oh, they are sublime... Your work always takes me breath away, and transports me to other realms... xoxoxo

Mademoiselle G

These new ones are so beautiful! A bit different from what I've seen yet, maybe ( probably) more studied...Just love this kind of roccoco/dreamy style...

Patti Koosed

Amazing work!


completely bowled over by your work!
I hope you dont mind me adding you to my linklist. Youre going to be a regular distraction of mine for i while i should imagine!

All the best



of course i love all of them, and your words are already perfect. but i need to comment on that silly cat, with the heart dangling above his nose. one more second and he'll snatch it... his eyes just make me trip out !

kisses pour lui :)


Unusual as usual!
Wonderful beauty~

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