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Monday, 17 March 2008


A Fanciful Twist

Oh Lou. I am speechless! You are the magician here!! I love them all equally, and I could get lost in them for hours and days!! Magnifique!! xoxo

Frankie Kins

Lou, you just keep producing more and more beautiful work. Just the sheer amount of it makes me speechless....well, almost... hehe
I adore Recurring Hares; The Conjurer is beautiful; and the Hare Girl is quite sweet with her smug look on her face. As always, beautiful.

Just so you know, you've got me looking at dollies again. Well, it's not all your fault. My dolly friend here in CA just bought several new Custom House AIs and they are so beautiful!

Thanks again for sharing. I do have a package at the front office that I shall pick up tomorrow. I have a feeling it's from YOU! :D


absolutely beautiful!


Ahh your latest works are just amazing! I mentioned you in my second last blog post! Come and visit!Sandy:) P.S Happy St.Patti's Day!

Pajara Pinta

Hey there! I just wanted to let you know from now on I'm a fan of your work!!!!!!!!

Congratulations!!! is so beautiful what you do!!!!

I posted about your blog and your shop in my blog.

www.miverdelimon.blogspot.com *is in spanish*

And I put one of your images as Image of the Week in my other blog
www.caracarmina.blogspot.com *bilingual*

hope you like it!....

flying away now!


I love The Recurring Hares and Miette (blue). :)


I love the first one especially.


The spaces in between are where the most magic happens...yes indeed I would agree! I am absolutely in complete and utter LOVE with the colors, the blues, the creams, the wishy-washyness watercolor look of these! You are forever amazing me with your images!
And I like the little trendy blue hat on Owlette. I have one of those! I like how you throw in fashion-y things on your images. Perfect.

museum of fire

The owls have been talking to me
But I’m sworn to secrecy

Nice to know Owlette is a sparklehorse fan... impeccable taste these friends of yours.



Now I will close my eyes and imagine your little world in a dreamy wonderment. You make me want to sleeeeeeeeeeeeep!


thanks very much, everyone, for your comments!


frankie - the custom house Ai's are seemingly sold out now, sadly, but ive been trawling the DOA forum this morning;)
i hope you like your gift, too!

sandy, pajara - thankyou both for the blog mention! i did take a peek:)))

ben - the first is also my favourite..

sarah - i had a feeling you would know the feelings i was trying to put over there! the hat that owlette wears is actually my own red beret with all the colour sucked out of it ~ i had to drag it around a bit and resize it, but it worked, just about, in the end!

benjamin - thanks for that, i had a nice relaxing five minutes there this morning. the first time i have rested all week;)




Wonderful! Your images are special on their own but the individual little stories adds an extra depth. I laughed when I read that Henrietta Duck had a difficult birth(sorry, Henrietta, that was insensitive) and your Hare Girl has fabulously wild hair - no doubt to match her wild spirit.

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