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Monday, 11 February 2008



hello it's me again (the mother)
just perused through your latest blog and find it every bit as entertaining as all the previous ones. love your colour change with the green apple and pears. they make you want to eat them they are so realistic.
I can't pick a favourite they are all so very well done, don't know who you inherit your talent from (must be me)
if l could choose one l would choose the perambulater, it takes me back so far in time
to the age of innocence,imagination, and
wonderful childish (things) that are all too soon behind us. all your work deserves merit
l love it all. mum xxxxx

Kimberly Wlassak

Again, I am left speechless. The work here is fabulous as always. I especially love "lullabye" as I am equally fascinated and terrified by it all at once. It gives me a sort of "Rosemary's Baby" feeling in a good way. Who would've thought that could be possible?

I think of you often as I gaze daily upon my "Springtime Sisters". They are comfortably at home hanging above the white hutch in my dining room.

Garden Painter Art

tiffini elektra x

Oh Lou! You amaze me yet again. Somehow you take themes and elements in the same pieces and make them so different yet cohesive together. Oh Orchard Twins. . .oh I adore thee!! Xo

Mary Louise

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make a prints available in your shoppe of the Spectral Twins. The black tights and hair are really stunning in the image together.

~Luck, Love, and Lollipops~
Mary Louise


I like all of them beyond reason, but I like "Lullaby" the most. I would want to be a little child and either push that carriage or lie down in it. The hazy starry frozen sky is wonderful and reminds me of a place I once knew of in heaven, before my life here started, and where my son is now. You find me sentimental? I can't help it, your pictures and characters make me so. They make me feel nostalgic and at the same time I am a little bit afraid, but in a good way, as if I should walk up to them and take them by the hand and flee with them from this world. I imagine that they inhabit your dreams both at night and during the day. How envious I am of you, because you make them come to life, although it will always be a mystery how you do this.

Cicada Studio

Amazing work. I'm so glad I found your blog!


I am also speechless, don\t know what to comment. All your images are so dreamingly beautiful and interesting along with your fascinating text...Where do you take it from? I also dreamed about having a twin sister, and I don`t even have any sisters! But I like to think i do have a secret half-sister some where in the world...Older than me off course. I like the Lullaby, so touching and really brings towards all those childhood-baby-feelings. And the spectral twins...-and their dresses, wow!


I love love love the orchard gals. Around here, 'pear-head' is an insult but you've made me rethink that. :)


Oh I was always more than slightly envious of those who had imaginary friends as children - I think mine were scared off by my two real life younger sisters! I did however constantly lose myself in books and had to be constantly called down for meals as I just lost time amongst the stories which I imagined and somehow was a part of.

All your images are beautiful and strange and lovely - my favourite though has to be Lullaby - so poignant.

Hope you are well!


Jennifer Jeffrey

Absolutely gorgeous. Do you ever sell your originals?

Count me as one of your new fans.


will you be offering prints of these? wonderful!


Those Orchard Twins do make quite the pear, while Olive fairly crackles with supramundane potential; whether or not she knows it.

I thought of The Ring et al before seeing your comment under Spectral Twins. Such delicious shivers of shadow-born fear, drowning in inky silent depths... only to be saved by the lullabic dream that awaits below.

And goodness more and more of course, but that for another day.


I've just stumbled across your blog, and I am enthralled by your art. It is simply beautiful and eerie. There is something about it that is not of this world - it really tugs at the imagination and is quite special. You are a very talented artist and you've yourself a new fan. :)


thankyou very much for all of your comments xxx

im a little slow to reply due to the narrowband connection fiasco, but hopefully i shall be back to normal soon - if not, i am considering relocating to another star system.



This is weird. My name is Benjamin too; *I've* just stumbled across your blog and...wow.

You're an extraordinary artist; your work is *so* good. My gracious.

I've used a few of your pieces to create a showcase in an entry on my blog:


With a credit and link to your own. If that's not OK, please let me know and I'll remove it.

BTW I've put the pictures on my PB account, so I'm not stealing your bandwidth.


Sweet Lou.

Amazing post.

You're just too incredible and too gifted and too imaginative and even a whole lot too gorgeous and too everything really. Do you realise there are a whole gaggle of really uninteresting people roaming the Earth because you go their share of creativity?

Could you just please, oh please, add in a touch of the boring, the banal, the mundane. If only to make me feel a fraction better?

At least I'm not bitter.

BTW Lullabye takes my breath away.

Megan T

I Love your twin characters! I myself am a twin, and I have been looking for imagery of twin mythology and tales, but it has been such a difficult quest. My twin sister and I want to get matching tattoos about our "twinness" because it's the one permanent thing in our lives. Your work really inspires some ideas for us, but we do not plan to steal your amazing images:)

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