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Wednesday, 06 February 2008



Is it your birthday, perchance? (I'm assuming it might be, considering your last sentence!) If so, wishing you the happiest of birthdays!


this is the anniversary of a book i began 8 years ago that never seems to come to a close;)

my own birthday is exactly a week from now, curiously enough!

lou xxx
(writing from my mother's pc)


I also came to think it was perhaps your birthday, but in a week...not long! Just before your birthday you get sentimental...I see...
But I can understand those nostalgic feelings you get from looking at old artstuff you once made. Lots of memories are hidden inside them. (Now I start talking to much and it`s not even my own language.) Both are beautiful photos.


What a cute picture of you being coy..hehe! I wish you had said that you took that picture of the angel. I want a copy of it now. Something very beautiful and sad about it because it looks like a child. Haunting and sweet. Thanks for sharing that.


oh, I always soooo look forward to your posts...and this one is so inspiring as well! Tell me, what is that floral painting to the right of you in the photo?

A Fanciful Twist

Auntie Louie, we can't find you ;) A birthday down the wee road, I hear? WE must have a party, we must!! xox


You have an incredibly clean apartment (house?) with very clean walls. I can tell you are not a smoker! Why are you being so shy, are you afraid of having your picture taken? So, what's this about a birthday? Are you having one and if so, is now the appropriate time to wish you a happy one? Please take a picture of your birthday cake, since we can't come and partake of it.


Oh, another aquarius?!So am I, mine was on the 5th, happy bithrday. :) Also, I bought a print from you and just wanted you to know how amazingly beautiful the quality of the print is, and the artwork too of course!

Black-Eyed Suzie

oh, you're so adorable! And your book is just beautiful - and those sweet little cards! Are they in your shop? They would make great doll house art! One of these days when they add an extra ten hours into each day I want to create some scenes for my dolls, and I would put your mini cards on the wall as decor (with credit to you and your permission of course!)


I love to come here and be enchanted.



Aw, happy fractured angel day :)


So beautiful and melancholy.
That red hat is very fetching!
PS. Party Bear is the greatest thing ever.

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