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Saturday, 10 November 2007



Hello Louise,
if you go on making so many awfully beautiful works, how will it be possible for us, poor creatures, to chose which one(s) to purchase?
I adore those strange pristine images, especially "Scared of mice". I have a weakness for that kind of "twin" stuff, when the two girls seem two be one and the same person...and, yet, not exactly...(so uncanny!)

Christina Conway

I have just recently stumbled upon your work and I am quite mesmerized. The colors and the moods, the sweetness and the oddities I love them all! The previous post is correct, you make it quite difficult for one to not want to own them all. :)


Those are beautiful! I love stoat baby.

A Fanciful Twist

Lou... Your mind is fascintaing!!! Your creations are incredible each and everyone!!!


What treats always await the reader when they wander into the lovely Art and Ghosts realm......I adore your work as always!!! You are magic!!


thanks very much, everyone:)

muriel, i do think im in a 'pristine' mood recently. im wondering what it might signify!

christina, thanks for dropping in!



I love your simplicity, your non-overpopulated (is that a word?) settings, the wintery colors. I also feel in love with your idea of dresses and limbs created from scratch. You artwork and the world it creates, enchanting as always!



But of course comes as no surprise...


they are all lovely new characters! xx


Dream like and magical. I want to visit the land where rabbit giants live, and "Angel X" sends my imagination flying.


benjamin, that doesnt show up here....but was it a bogong?

thanks very much all !


it was bogong san - a rare japanese cousin to bogong australis...

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