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Friday, 28 September 2007



Oh my! I would certainly join the curious crew of performers were it for the fact that I do not think I am curious enough (alas, I am quite normal... *sigh*). :) lol.

Such lovely images; your artwork is so haunting and so beautiful--it always makes me think of my favorite fairytales and books I read (over and over) as a child. Its like stepping back into that make-believe world that I was supposed to "grow out of". hehe. Oh dear, I think I love all of these... but "Milou" is my favorite; mostly because who can resist a demure looking kitty next to a tantalizing bird cage?

Keep up your lovely artwork and blogging!

sean Hennessey

awesome work!


OMG OMG!!!!!!So beautiful!!!I love all of them!!!Lou you are amazing.I know people tell you this alllllll the time but you are AMAZING!
hugs Dees


Beautiful work, as always. I too, am most inspired during Autumn. Although, I'm still waiting for it...I especially love Autumn Sisters #1 and Sally Antoinette.


I adore this new work...

Absolutely wonderful and inspiring...


Aaaaahhhhhhhh!!! I want them ALL!!! These are all my favorites yet! You are a magic maker, my Dear!! :)


My god you are talanted! I really love your work! Found my way here through your etsy shop and I will most definitely be back!


thanks for all of your wonderful words and encouragement:)



Frankie Kins

I love autumn, too. Wow, have you ever been busy. That's quite a load of work you have there. I wish you would send your muse over to my place for a bit. I need some inspiration. These characters are likely to fill the bill for me. I'm particularly fond of Laura's House, Little Red Riding Hood (I love anything with calligraphy!) and the Rufer Rosas.

I must sound like a broken record, but again, utterly awesome work. Can't wait to see some of these circus characters magically reappear in future works.

Frankie Kins

That would be the SURFER ROSAS. Duh!


Dearest Louise, your new images are quite heavenly. I am of the mind to have a talk with the curator of Tipperman's Art Extravaganza and let him know that he should be ashamed for hanging paintings of ermines playing poker when such gorgeousness exists in the world.

Two questions. Firstly, is the Art & Ghosts Circus planning a stop in Brimstone City? I am sick to death of going to dance with Seraphina the elephant every weekend at Gamboli's Bizarratorium. She is sweet enough, of course, but she has a rather limited repertoire and I am bored with waltzing. Is it so difficult to learn some modern steps? I think the Charleston is the cat's pajamas!

Secondly, where would one find the dress that Sally is wearing? I think it might look rather smart on me.

PS - I use a Mac.


louise this is truly mindblowing work, l think up to date this is your best work by far. l can't choose my favourite as they all are. Hair especially is a prominent feature in this post, the somnambulist for instance
with her forward blowing hair,reminds me of
"the little match girl" of grandads. do you remember it. he would be so proud of you as l am if he could see your work. l love them all, and the last three, carousels, little red riding hood, and tangle tangle. are
exquisite. please do many more, l love them
all... mum


thankyou dears:)

A Fanciful Twist

Okay! I am SCREAMING!!!! I am just, mouth open, stunned. You overdo yourself over and over and over. You are so inredible!! Each one is, is, is, I am speechless. My wonderful enchanting great grandmother's name was Emilia. We still refer to her as Nana Emilia.

Sigh. You are one gifted soul.


Strange Bird

Oh, my. You certainly are quite the artistic genius! I love the style of these new pieces - very striking!



hello dear 1- ive just come by to say hello- your worlds sweet divine - your art is so good- la la la love jo anderson.


When I saw the title The Somnambulist, the first thing I thought of was Cesare. I love the new pieces and all of the beautiful vanilla tones.

Black-Eyed Suzie

Louise, I LOVE your new work - so beautiful and haunting and sweet and sad as always. I think Tangle Tangle and The Siamese Girls are my favourites, but it's hard to choose. I just applied for a scholarship; it's supposed to go towards tuition and books and boring things like that, but if I get it, I think it would be better spent on art!


love the new work.....I have an idea in my head of something I would love....I think you might be the one to make it for me...




I love the soft, muted colors so much. I like how you are working with just figures on the creamy backgrounds. I can see you have been quite inspired as of late! Yes, it IS the autumn that is to blame, when the veil over the whimsy world becomes thin. This post is incredible!

Museum of Fire

There is a harmony
In autumn, and a lustre in its sky...

or so Percy B S would have one believe.

For advice on what to say when words would not come I turned to The Somnambulist. She suggested simply this:

That somehow seemed most appropriate when faced with such utter Lou bliss.

Diane Duda

I love each and every one...but we share the same favorite!!!


Oh WOW - I love the simplicity of these new images combined with the complexity of the characters featured within... Fantastic new work, as always!! :)

Hope your week has been a fun one so far!


thanks for visiting - your comments are more than appreciated:))


Terrie Yeatts

I absolutely love your work. awesome!!!!

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