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Thursday, 05 July 2007



I love all these! I think my new favourite is number 2... crimson hair, oh and number 10, the expression on her face is beautiful

Ali J


I came to visit your lovely blog... and what a surprise! You love one of my drawings... thankyou! "Explosion of Colour" Your work is precious. I wish I knew how to all the digital work like you do. xox


I just love your dolls. Imagery of doll-like girls seems to be so popular right now, but yours really are a cut (or two or three) above the rest. Enough ahead that somebody like me that usually runs screaming from anything remotely similar to a girl doll in art is drawn to your pieces.


mmmmh, the texture on the two full-figure darkesses is so seductive. what is it? (tell me your secrets, dear ;)) these heroines seem to run away with the pictures, or shall i say dance, glide, float? i can hear the music and the whispers and mad chatter. they are alive to me. antoinette, arisen once again, to tell of the glimmering depths of the afterlife. how many million lives has she lived already?


Aaah number 9 and 10 just perfection!! I adore the surreal mystery - what are they thinking , what has brought them to this place. Just incredibly beautiful.

I too love the dark - it is one of the worst things about city dwelling - I can never truly envelope myself in darkness - there is always the chink of a streetlight peeking around the curtains. Now the country (and at my das's where I stayed last week) your can really sit in darkness and feel lost in it whilst also feeling enveloped and protected by it, like a big blanket all at once.

I am reading The children of Green Knowe after your mention of it in one of your previous posts - I adore it!! Infact how did I ever grow up without knowing that this little beauty even existed I shall never know.


these are spectacular, I especially love #2, wow!!!!

it is brilliant what you can do with light, darkness, and a doll!!!

Your Gracious Host

The beautiful thing about the dark is that there is nothing concrete about it. It is all mystery, ambiguity, possibility. The truth is that these things frighten many people...not 'knowing' something. Not having the cold, hard facts.

But darkness holds everything within. The imagination becomes ablaze. Intuition rises to the occasion. The synapses of the intangibles work overtime. The heart stages a coup against the brain. This is where magic, art, dreams, and love all reside. They often aren't recognized until they venture out into the revelation of light...but I believe that they reside in that dark luxury you so beautifully mentioned.

And while you already know I absolutely adore this set in general, it is #1 who has my attentions this moment--for reasons I will whisper to the invisibles ;) But she does indeed remind me of someone.


I quite enjoyed the dark


your lucky to like the dark,l don,t it makes
me sombre and morose, you work well in the dark (l know)and produce some of your special
work at that particular time.you are not wierd, you are you, and remember what i tell
you that you can never write too much.

in my opinion the expression in the doll,s
eyes signify apprehension, and mistrust,
(a lovely image)

as for alice,floating down again, you can
drown in many things,i.e sorrows,luxury,
pity,and in someones eyes, to name a few.
on a lighter note, how about the song from
"the snowman" as a musical effect.

your cascade of whispers and crimson hair,
to me she says uncertainty,and caution.
but l am sure many people will see their
own versions looking at her.

next, what a beautiful picture. she reminds
me of what once was, youth, innocence,and
most of all hope.

last but not least, she can hang out in the
dark with you, you will be company for each
other, but not me though, give me light.

much love as always, mum xxxxxxxxx


Freddy the Fox is my new friend!! I love that!! :)

Your darklings are lovely,indeed! It is a perfectly dark and dreary day here, as well.....it feeds the imagination and shelters the senses from that fierce, old sun. :)

I found some new favorites in your list of Etsy goodies.....so very many lovelies!


Thank for all of your contributions!
I would love to reply individually but i have turned up too late here and the idea of it makes me quite dizzy!
But most of all, i appreciate that you have so kindly added to and tolerated my own peculiar appreciation of darkness.
It is something that i occasionally need to share;)



i love the colors in these...the contrast of red and black. the blue bow in the first one is wowow!
your work is so inspiring:)


I'm so glad I stopped by to see this fantastic new series. I have to say, I love number seven the best...I think because it reminds me the most of myself, although I'm not sure why!

I also share your love of darkness, but it doesn't come through in my work all the time (it used to more in the past). I think I am drawn to it because I grew up in dimly lit houses full of antiques, and I have a psychologist as a parent.

It's been raining here for days... it does offer a nice reprieve from the too-hot-Florida-sunshine, though! I'm a night owl who is happier in the cold - so why do I live in the hottest place ever? :)


You absolutely amaze me with every single post. I love your writing as much as your art; don't ever stop writing your thoughts about your work....please.

Well again, it is hard to choose, but choose I did. I love #9. I don't think she is falling. My interpretation is that she is dancing with God.

#1 is probably my fav of this series. There is just something about her. Innocence....like she is on the bring of something new; maybe she is about to become a woman.

Your talent and your friendship inspire me beyond words, even though I'm old enough to be your mother. :D

I'm just about to start shooting my dollies.

Big hugs!


Tessa - I love the idea of growing up in a dimly lit house full of antiques. But i do not envy the Florida sunshine.......im quite surprised by how many folks here are similar to me in that sense...i am aching for the autumn!

Frankie - Im so glad that you sense something personal to yourself in the images. This is something that continuously delights and astounds me, that someone can take something personal from what i create. That it can reach beyond the confines of my own, weird imagination. I appreciate your comment very much ,and when i have it in me, i do intend to share as many words as i can muster about my art.

Sarah - I just cant quit it with the red and black right now! And come to think of it, the blue does seem to have crept up on me unawares too...........

Thanks again xxxxxx


Ha ha, I don't want the Florida sunshine either... it's so strange that I hate it, because I've lived in different parts of Florida my whole life. I *love* snow. Maybe I should move... ;)

Black-Eyed Suzie

Hi Louise,

I think i finally figured out the pictures, thanks to your help! I love these recent pictures - especially number 10. Perfectly spooky, as always. Do you own these dolls? I'm jealous - where do you get them? Or do they find you?


I love the darkly portraits. There is something hidden in the dark.


Suzie - i only own the one now, but i always keep files of images of the dolls i have owned:)

and thanks, kiwi!


What have you been dreaming. These are pretty dark yet...very stunning work. As always!!!!


Mary Beth

there is mystery in the darkness and the dolls transcend being dolls, but create a psychological tension and are human-like.

Ali J

I'd love to know some more about you, your work is just so fascinating so I'm tagging you. I hope you don't mind.

Ali J


sharon (glitterangel)

What gorgeous work, I love it!


hey is there a place where i can look to by some of this amazing art? pls let me know

[email protected]

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