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Tuesday, 12 June 2007


Kim Wlassak

So good to see you back on the blog!!

I must say, even at your age, you are exceptionally young to be listening to Fairport Convention!! I'm thoroughly impressed. If I say: "Steeleye Span", does that ring any bells?

Your new pieces are stunning.

Blind twins? Very interesting, as I have cousins that are identical twins. In all honesty, either one of them may as well be blind, as they are absolutely capable of leading each other.

I hope that you are getting caught up with your responsibilities and that the heat and humidity will kindly give you a rest!!

Garden Painter Art


I LOVE Steeleye Span...... although I'm not entirely taken by Fairport Convention .....I much prefer the darker side of folk:)

Long Lankin, for instance...

Thanks xxx

Museum of Fire

That sea seems so very ripe for dreamery... particularly in such a spirit-borne fashion.

and though clearly passionate, Harlequin seems to have the requisite patience to wait for 'never' to pass.

oh - hello to the marvellous mirlo.


i notice you write favourite with a "u", are you british? ;)) thank you sweetness. it is in the mail!

i think the one of you by the sea could have the subtitle when moons collide, how brilliant! i am happy to see your washes and watercolors, it feels as though you are utilizing all of your talents well. i am thinking of you as some sort of octopus with each tentacle being able to perform a different task. or maybe one of those many armed hindu goddesses. with a stork head of course!
your harlequin is perfection. odd, i have always had a fascination with quicksilver very much, so pretty and so deadly.

happy creative spirits (though they may be furious at times...)


marvelous even blurred photographs with Alice...


Oh gosh that book!! I have not heard of it, but now I am so intrigued by the pages, it looks beautiful.

I love the depths and textures of the watercolours, an added element of mystery and something which cannot be described. just beautiful.

I too am not comfortable in this humidity - I hope you get caught up on all your tasks!


Ha. Si Tu Dois Partir is on my top 5 favourite songs. Try Pentangle, as well ;)

And Bert Jansch is coming to Manchester!

Michelle A.

I really love your new designs. I especially love Harlequin. I can sympathize with you about the head and humitity. It's the only thing I hate about summer.


Vanda - Yes, i like Pentangle also:) And i do hope Manchester is kind to Bert Jansch:)

Gillian - It IS a beautiful book, I still can't come to terms with how much i adore it...it was a complete surprise too!

Maren - Thankyou for the image of the stork headed octopus - i shall carry it with me all day long xxx

...And the humidity is even worse this morning...




oh for the beauty of polka dot stockings! I adore all of these images....although 'adore' is far to quaint a word to use for such haunting, shadowy beauty....like a hush, or a memory with scented breezes that makes you recall dreams your not sure if you ever had.

It is unbearably hot and humid here, too.....I have taken to watermelon and iced tea for relief! :)

Your Gracious Host

The timelessness of Crimson Waltz is proof that you have indeed fallen through time. You're a veritable time traveler, my dear!

And from what I know, when moons collide, all one can see is an explosion of stars. Should those stars tumble into the sea, they will float on the surface--like luminescent lily pads--creating a magical bridge from here to transcendence.

Kimberly Wlassak

The first concert I ever attended was a Steeleye Span concert at The Roxy in Hollywood. It was amazing and somewhat decadent. Huge platters of fruit and meat were served and people were dancing on the tables!! I believe I was 12 at the time.

I saw Martin Carthy once. He played in the back room of a guitar store in Los Angeles. Funny thing is, Clannad actually warmed up for him!!

Garden Painter Art


Oh how I love Harlequin.Please finish his story!!!!xoxo


Steeleye span in Hollywood????
The combination of the two seems so incredibly incongruous, but i am bound to think that...i need to get out more;)
Oh, but i can easily imagine the banquet! I have always coveted a firm belief that i was born to damn late.

Dees - his story is ongoing, but only inside of my head:)

Thanks everyone!

Vanessa V

I could never live in a humid state. I am used to complete dry weather. Hardly ever any rain. Lizard really. Your work is something I adore, but, of course, you already know this... I must say though, that last image (Marinkel's), when you brought up the reflection, freaked the hell outta me, in such a comforting way...Wrong. I know...I have goose bumps. Oh, and I am so jealous of that book!!!! All the love a girl can muster up late at night, for you. xxo (Bubble gum??? anyone??)


love the new pieces!


I love the misty pieces. They have a dreamy ghost-like quality of a memory. It's like someone is remembering her there but the memory is old and fading. it's the only place she exists now.


hello again, sadly many of us are laid low by
this heat,especially us wrinklies, but it is
raining now and slowly drowning the humidity, hope it lasts for a while.
love the telepathy specially the trendy
stockings, they are very effective.sorry l
can,t comment on the songs, but they are
out of my league. but you know what they
say,"the blind lead the blind"

who knows! some day you may cross that
sea,(hope you do, by ship or air)
there arn,t many more wonderful sights
than the pale moon reflecting on the sea.

to fall through time, (how wonderful)
especially if we could stem the fall at
any particular moment, and re-live special

the story you never began, do it, use the
character, l,m sure it would be very
interesting, knowing his passions, and the
way l know you can write.

last but not least, the beguiling mirlo,
to share a bed with a loved one is a joy
to hold on too.

hope you don,t sink in the bath, little one,
sink into dreamless sleep instead.

love always mum xxxxxx


Yes, i am soon to be flying over the sea to Germany, to visit the apparition in the bathtub.....

And Mirlo doesn't snore, so this 'sharing a bed with a loved one' is very nice, indeed. thankyou.

And thanks Vanessa, Jen and Kiwi:))


your new work is just as dreamlike and surreal as ever! As a twin, I can't help but being partial to telepathy.
The new goodies are great, especially the dark bathing beauty.


I came here to look at the work of my favorite artist, but the title of your posting has sidetracked me. I don't mean to air out my frustrations, but we're all friends here, right? (**snicker**)

Ever since I staged a coup and proclaimed myself leader of The Profiterole Pack, I have been inundated with nothing but nonsense from those pansies. Apparently, they like their pastries with whipped cream, but I have been demanding hush-money in the form of pastries with sweet custard. You would have thought I spit on their grandmothers--really, what a bunch of drama queens!!

Not to mention that Lord Ogglesworth has been on my case to help him study up on his French in order to woo a Parisian warbler that he fancies. I'm all for everlasting love...but if I know Lord Ogglesworth, he is simply looking for a night of quick passion and I really have better things to do with my time.

Sorry...but I just needed to tell you that the world at large can shove off. Excepting you, of course...because your images will be my solace for the evening.


Tiffini Elektra X

Gorgeous! Love the dresses and tights in the first one. The blind twin is genius - whatever the reason. The transparent self portraits are wonderful as well. Mirlo is adorable. Off to check out that Suzy Lee book. . .dang that looks amazing!


thanks all!


Katrine K

Dreamy and poetic artworks, I love them all, you inspire me so much!


Hello again from across the sea, Lou! : ) I'm sorry you've been having Typepad woes....no problems (yet) over here....I hope it gets better for you soon....I love reading your wonderful posts! : )

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