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Thursday, 10 May 2007



I love love the pram of lost leaves. It almost looks like a magical recipe being concocted.
The Madhatter reminds me of Goya's black paintings with its use of heavy inky blackness.

Museum of Fire

'The Changeling' is a breathtaking visual representation of the process of dreaming. The pram appears a magical cauldron of sorts, but with a floating 'ambiguty' as to whether the leaves are coming or going, precious ingredients or finished tasteables.

No doubt they are both - perambulations of an open and inquiring mind.

And such is dreaming i suppose, with the ceaseless ebb and flow between our conscious mind and life and that of our sleeping hours, thoughts and journeys in each informing (and often in conflict with) their corresponding other.

Any chance for another peek at the Portrait Alice series is always welcome. This one always did strike a chord and I do think this size is much more fitting for our top-hatted maddy, reduced to mouse-size as a grizzly little leprechaun.


Ah Benjamin!
...and there i was just thinking about the Madhatters uncanny similarity to your Mr. Crouch! especially the 'McGee's' Madhatter that i mentioned before.

what would emily think, i ask?

thankyou, both:)


Dear Lou,

I wish I could share one of these amazing dreamthoughts with you but I must admit mine are not nearly as interesting to talk about as yours.I am impressed with the way you blend your dreams in your artwork (and visa versa??)Hope you share more because I love reading about this.hugs Dees

Museum of Fire

For emily's sake if only it were so. she failed to take the opportunity to slip anything into Mr Crouch's cuppity... i would be much less worried about her if she had!


I forgot to mention - thanks for the snow white card!
I'm sure Master Crouch would be mincemeat in her hands!


How timely your wonderful post has been....me sitting here drinking my morning tea and pondering the all night dream that I had and then to find dreams as the topic of conversation Art and Ghosts! How strange!

I was in a large hotel with my cat and attempting to find a room where we could stay and she could not get lost or escape...no one understood...this expanded further to me beside a canal bank with cement bridges overhead and small boys throwing bits of construction rocks at us!... Perhaps I should not eat cheerios before bed!! : )

I love The Changeling....I can hear the breeze as a memory of where the baby once was...perhaps only seconds ago! It is very still and haunting!


OMG the ghostly girls in the bedroom are wonderful beyond words!


thankyou for your wonderful words of
encouragement, you know what they say,
better late than never, do you remember
the tale of the hare and the tortoise?
and who finally won the race, by being slow
and methodical. your new work which l
have just browsed through is as remarkable
as all the others l have read. you never cease to amaze me. carry on.

much love as always mumxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Your Gracious Host

***"He's dreaming now," said Tweedledee: "and what do you think he's dreaming about?"

Alice said, "Nobody can guess that."

"Why, about you!" Tweedledee exclaimed, clapping his hands triumphantly. "And if he left off dreaming about you, where do you suppose you'd be?"

"Where I am now, of course," said Alice.

"Not you!" Tweedledee retorted contemptuously. "You'd be nowhere. Why, you're only a sort of thing in his dream!"***

...it is somewhat paradoxical...this dream logic. Who is dreaming who? What is real and what is dreamt? I suppose the beauty of it all is that there is life within the paradox itself. Life that could simply not exist anywhere else. And one can either try to puzzle over the logic of such things (which, of course, is futile--as the paradox will always defy rationale) or indulge the beauty of that which is found within. Surely, if one pores over the former, one would live in constant fear...afraid that the true dreamer will simply awake one day, extinguishing all that has been found within the dream.

No, it seems far better a life to not question such things and simply let the dreams themselves guide you to that which only they know of :)


Mum! - Now you know very well that slow and methodical is against my very nature!
But i am so glad to finally see you at long, long last:) Any place without you in it is never quite complete. xxx

Brandon - perhaps they BOTH dreamed it?


Thannks again, people:)

Your Gracious Host

Yes, of course! Neither of them exists in that world without the other. It doesn't get any "dreamier" than that, now does it?


Just a little note to say "Hello" - I found your work on Etsy and it's such lovely, lovely stuff. Your "Changeling" piece is really truly beautiful.


Oh! I LOVE your "Which Dreamed It" piece! Will it be available in your etsy shop?


Oh Lou this post is wonderful. Dreams and ghosts... changelings and poltergeists, just wonderful. And all 3 of your artist mentions went straight to my etsy hearts - gosh there is just an abundance of talent out there!!!

And thank you so much for your goodwill wishes.

Have a wonderful weekend

Vanessa V

Well, you know more about me than anyone in the dream department....I can't even get started.. But yes... empty buildings...And we wil stop there....too many a story.

I will e-mail you with my choices....xxo,V


l must write before l crash out for the day
l have just browsed once again through your
latest work and find it very moving, especially the changeling which is very
beautiful, are the leaves significant with
your dreams, trying to escape or lost and
trying to find a resting place. your portrait
of alice and the diminutive mad hatter is
excellent,l now understand your fascination
with top hats. lovely work mumxxxxxxxxx


ohoh, i just remembered you don't know how to write. nobody noticed, thank GAWD! :)


ah well, i only just managed to scrape through there!
the true extent of my illiteracy is a closely guarded secret, you impossible minx!

mm, remind me to pack my best fencing sword:)


ha! en garde! °^|^°


wow i love your blog...just came across it and boy' im sooo glad i did. those images are breath-taking-ly magical....stunning!!!

love it!!!!

kazzy x x x x x a huge fan now!!!!


Thanks Kazzy!


`I don't understand you,' said Alice. `It's dreadfully confusing!'

`That's the effect of living backwards,' the Queen said kindly:

`it always makes one a little giddy at first --

`Living backwards!' Alice repeated in great astonishment. `I never heard of such a thing!'

` -- but there's one great advantage in it, that one's memory works both ways.'


just a quick comment, l have once again
been having a browse in what for me is
a rare moment of space. l have found a moment among the dust and rubble, which
is my home at the moment to take a quick
peek, and found something which caught
my eye, namely (suki in the sky) lovely.
lt makes me want to escape, to float away
on a tranquil breeze,to any place my heart
desires. but in reality l would only
have to come back.

but we all dream (especially you)

much love mumxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


the dust and rubble that is your home??!!!
has my father been playing with the chemistry set again?

i told you it would end in tears:)



Oops - I stopped by to leave a comment yesterday, but I think I forgot to push "post." :)

I just wanted to tell you that your work is *amazing*, and I love your shop on Etsy. Each of your pieces tell such unique and intriguing stories! I'm so happy to have found out about your work.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for checking out my cute puppy! She has been a little troublesome and mischeivous today - too much sugar in those puppy treats? :)


ohhhh...thanks so much for the link!
I just wanted to say that I love your work so so much its insane!!

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