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Thursday, 24 May 2007



Oh....I have no words to express how much I love all of your new images....I wish I could...but I can only say I love them! Especially Pretty Luminosity! And I have always had a special place in my artistic sensibilities for Ophelia (maybe it's the Pre-Raphaelite in me) and I just love that your Ophelia has given up on all the depression and madness and is taking a whimsical boat ride instead! Lovely!


you are really am amazing girl Lou...your new pieces are like living in a dream, you astound me.

A Fanciful Twist

Ditto with Stileeto H. but, I have to email you now, as I need to add to my order.....Love that you shared thebirth, so to speak, of your images.. the conceptual birth...unfolding......xxo, V

Tiffini Elektra X

Wonderful all of them. Just gorgeous - I love the saturated soft colors you use so much.


oh, ophelia, what are you looking at? what vexes you so?
'No Vacancies' really appeals to me. Ingrid, did you spend your youth pretending to be Jo March, too?
must. locate. movie. Innocence. now. must. locate. movie....


how breathtaking your imagery is. Your color choice for Ophelia is haunting yet so sweet.


To me it sounds like you are progressing on your path of realisation.I too am very much into this and I am always thrilled to find someone who understands that universal language.Not many people do, they too are walking their path ofcourse but are not able to express it into words or art for that matter.I love the new pieces but love the thought behind them even more!(if that is possible jeezzzz)xoxo



and Marjorie, you ARE Pre-Raphaelite!


Your Gracious Host

I am utterly beguiled by the diaphanous splendor of StarHorse! It would be tragic to lose sight of such effervescent magic on the journey from childhood to adulthood. All one really needs to do is follow the stars to find innocence and wonder...enchantment and love. They all seem to be barely contained in the swollen apple-red heart beating in the center of this image.


Wow, I love all three of your new images so much, and I just can't pick a favorite... Thanks so much for posting them along with your inspirations and interpretations - lovely!!

Museum of Fire

Ingrid has impeccable taste and if a vacancy ever came up I would be honoured to be a lodger.

And StarHorse is indeed a sparky moment of berried rippletude... with a swirl of rippled berritude just for kicks. She seems to have the same command over the stars as she of the manta ray who haunts 'Fliers in the night'.


So many beautiful pictures that makes me dream...-so fascinating to read your text too.


thankyou. xxx

A Fanciful Twist

Don't you love all my typos? Just call me typo-girl.

Anyhow, I am here again, I know. But I just wanted to say, that I love the door I see everytime I stop in. It makes me feel like a little girl, skipping down the path, coming upon your little house whose door is in a great big tree. And, if I have already read the current post, then it is my time to pretend that I stopped by your door in the tree. I knocked. A little creature answered. And I whispered in super secret lingo, "Can Lou come out to Play?" And the unusual creature responds, "Lou went out to dance under the moonlight with the winged faun from across the pond..." And, so I thank her, and skip on......xxo


fantastic pictures! I love them ! Greetings from Germany Barbara


here l am again hello there. just gone through your latest blog, and am very
impressed. you have every right to be
exited about (a process of discovery,
l think it.s wonderful,especially when
having read and understood,the entire
meaning of it.

lanterns, my interpretation of lanterns
(which l love) are of quiet,peaceful
moods,seeing them gently swaying in the
breeze. on a sultry quiet evening,
accompanied only by the moonlight and
mystical stars.

as for ophelia, tell her to ditch the duck
and wallow in the waters of serenity
and glide away to anywhere her heart
desires, and pluck out the suicide blooms.

as for ingrid, if she plays with starlight
and dreams, she can.t go far wrong.

there are beautiful and bad things in our
childhoods,(for most of us)
yours will always be prescious to me.
the secret is to learn from the good, and
bad,if you can do this,to coin a phrase,

(you will be a man my son) daughter.

forgive my terrible punctuation, l try
but very rarely succeed.

love always. mum.xxxxxxxxx


Oh, Lou!!
They're all so beautiful. "No Vacancies" might be my new favorite of yours...must snap up print when they appear.

You're the loveliest lovely, and your dollies are too.


Mae Jane

I adore the new pieces you've created, they are so magical. You always seem to capture that dream like little land of wonder in your work. Lovely!


Ditch the duck!
oh mother i love you:)

and thanks for visiting, everyone!



It's so utterly fabulous visiting your enchanted world Lou...

I find myself so entranced, soaking up splendour after splendour.

Ophelia's story begs to be told in an amalgamation of sublime wonders. The floating bathtub - brilliant!
'No Vacancies' will always tickle my fancies when it comes to the layers hanging so perfectly balanced in mind. The medley of houses and those beautiful patterns are just too harmonious for words...and then 'Starhorse'.....


you're amazing.


Craig! I'm glad you came by here at last!

...and thankyou:))

Black-Eyed Suzie

Hi Louise!

Beautiful new images, as always. Thanks again for offering to help. I managed to customize my blog, but I'm not sure yet how to get large photos in the centre (like yours) - when I try to post photos, they end up very small, and right justified... I'm sure this must be quite simple, and yet somehow I'm missing it.

Black-eyed Suzie (doll girl)

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