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Saturday, 05 May 2007


Your Gracious Host

Whatever your two little darlings know, they seem quite content to keep it to themselves in all their petulantly-tinged ennui. Though, I dare say they've shared their every whim with their winged friends. I love that the birds are loitering outside the cages...their wild spirits simply cannot be caged.

So much to love and talk about here, Louise Marie: snow(!), rain(!), fog(?), foxes(!), stars(!), heart-vs-mind(!), October(!), Shakespeare(!). But I can't seem to grasp one thing in particular. Perhaps this wandering mind is contagious...

Whatever it is, you should listen to your mother more often. Grating coyness...how utterly daft!


Oh that story of you thinking you were a tree moved me to tears almost.I think it shows how connected we all are to everything when we are born and we wander off when we start thinking we are 'seperate'from everything around us.
Finding that connection back takes another lifetime I suppose.Thank you for sharing Lou!Loved it as usual!xoxo Dees
PS you are gorgeous and so is your cat!


First I have to say that I LOVE your new work....Lovely as always!!

I enjoyed reading your facts! I,too, long for a colder climate ( Florida is devastatingly hot and desert-like for most of the year.) I share your love of foxes....I always felt they were wise and magical...once I awoke early to get the paper outside my parents' house and there was a fox standing not three feet away from me in a dense fog....we just stood there watching each other silently for what seemed like hours ( but was more likely about 60 seconds) and then he ( or she) turned and trotted away, so quietly. I'll always remember that....it was one of the most beautiful things that I've ever been a part of.

I'm so very glad that there are other souls on this Earth who treasure trees and rain and snow and foxes and beauty! Thanks for your lovely blog that always makes me think and ponder important thoughts!

: ) Thanks for your kind mention of my print..I'm so glad you like it!

And oh MY I LOVE myfolklover!! How amazing! Thanks for sharing such lovely shops!

♥ ♥ And there are some more hearts for you!

Museum of Fire

You mean to say we're not trees? oh dear...

Those birdies do seem quite fond of the cages in a way, flaunting their not-in-ness in a way that they couldn't do without them there. Whatever it is, the black-hearted little ladies seem to understand quite well.

From that portrait I could believe mirlo was quite the cad, if not knowing better.


i love that one eyed cat. and his voice still sounds in my ears... kisses. :)


what is a dork? it rhymes with stork, that may be a clue... haaaaa!


Maren, stop flirting with my cat, at once!



you are lovely :) thank you very much. your work is wonderful, i have just seen your silhouettes for the first time... so beautiful!

A Fanciful Twist

You are the most wonderful creature. I find myself wandering the world in the late night hours as well....And trees. yes. I questioned last week. Was it acceptable to actually be having a love affair with the tree right outside? Then, I promised the tree, it would not be over...and, who really cares about acceptable anyhow? ;)



Aww...you and your kitty-cat are so cute!


I always believed my spirit animal to be a fox...

Oh, dear girl, I finally got the chance to watch Picnic at Hanging Rock again...in fact I watched it twice in a row.

thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I love love love your blog so much! And your pic is beauty personified :D you laura palmer you ;)


Love this photo!!! xoxo

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