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Thursday, 12 April 2007


Your Gracious Host

Such splendidness is abound in your new digs! I've brought some McDonald's crumpets for a housewarming celebration--surely they have such a thing in the UK??--and a giant ball of emerald-shaded yarn with a catnip surprise in the center (for Mirlo, naturally, though feel free to indulge if he doesn't mind sharing).

Enjoy your new lodgings and know that my tech support center is open 'round the clock (excepting the occasional slumber I need every now and then). Really, it all looks absolutely enchanting!


and im happy to be here!

crumpets sound very good indeed:)
i will run and get the party hats!


Huzzah for new blogs! Congrats

Marjorie/ MarmeeCraft

'Yeay' for your new Typepad home! It looks so lovely! I am thinking of adding a banner to my site...I worked a little on it last night...we shall see! : )

Thank you SO much for your very kind comments about my work and shop! And, you are very welcome for any little help that I could give in the Typepading...(I guess that could be a new verb, huh?)

Mirlo is adorable, by the way! : )

Happy new blog day to you!



Love the new blog, will love Coraline, and please let me know if you need any more of the Gaiman books I can usually get them for wholesale!!

Um, and thank you for showing off the blocks you got from me, that is the most wonderful thing!! You will be happy to know that tonight I am going to watch Picnic at Hanging Rock, I have been saving it all week.



oh, LOU!!

It looks so beautiful over here. The banner, everything...incredible. I can't wait to come visit here all the time :)



congratulations on the new site. i shall follow as soon as i am settled! i love "your photo" and need to order it in large. that series was when i first found you. i specifically remember a giant ball of twine as well... :) and your banner is fantastic!!! you know how to make a place look cozy and magical. i want to walk through that door into your world...

Museum of Fire

What a smashing new pad you have here Louise - its delights needing no further testimony than that look of knowing contentment adorning Master Mirlo's visage.

Crumpets and a cup of tea seem perfect for the housewarming - which reminds me, i've discovered a delectable recipe for home-made crumpets that simply have to be tasted to be believed, if anyone out there is interested...


thankyou for all of your very lovely comments - i have answered most of them via email, and yet i am still quite unused to this system of replying outside of the blog have patience with me, i am still getting the hang of things here....:)

also, when i leave a note here, it sends me an email notification that artandghosts has left a comment for artandghosts! oddness!


Yay for typepad! I'll be sure to update my link. Isn't Marjorie the best? I need to get stuff of hers - and of Yours for that matter.


I was wondering if you have see a book called Alice in wonderland by Suzy Lee? The inside cover says

It is magic. Black and white photography.

If not I have two copies and am happy to send you one....

Leonie (twopinkrabbits)


first of all l must say how very much l enjoy
browsing through your wonderful work. you are very talented. l can now understand your
fascination with dolls, it.s just marvellous
what you create from them. your silhouettes
are very prettily done so delicate and they
seem to have a calming effect (on me anyway)
your writing l found particularly interesting
as you wrote things about yourself that even l didn,t know,(we will speak about them when
we next meet) all in all l am very proud of
you promise me you will carry on doing what
you do best. and let the rest of the world
go by.
love always, your mumxxxxxxxxx


Mother, you make even angels seem somehow flawed:)

i do what i love because i have the freedom to do so, and much of this is thanks to you.

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