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Tuesday, 01 May 2007


Vanessa V

I am never at a loss for outrageous reactions to your work. If you and I chatted over an espresso, Oh the true tales I could share...Shivvver. I know, we are not just talking appartitions here, but what our minds create. I was raised by women who tell tales of the past, tales that are unspeakable...Tales of "the aunts" and soo much more...One day, on a trip to your side of the globe... I might catch up with you and share a tid-bit...what do you say? xxo, V

Your Gracious Host

Bridey's Ghosts always killed me--those two images in particular, in all of their delicate ephemerality. It is as if they are made of cobwebs sprinkled with dew and illuminated by moonlight...one gets the feeling that the moment the moon rises or falls, the images will dissolve into nothingness.

That quality is something I connect to ghosts, in general. That sense of transiency, as you put it so perfectly. Belonging to neither here nor there, and sometimes feeling like they could merely be the psychic residue of moments long buried deep within the subconscious. I also love the ambiguity of ghosts...this uncertainty whether they are being projected onto the scrims of our minds for our singular viewing, or if they manifestations of something unrelated to ourselves...showing themselves to anyone willing to look and "see" what is around the corner of supposed reality.

As always, a cornucopia of goodness...


Oh my what a great post again and food for thought aswell as alot of eyecandy.You are the best miss art and ghosts!Love sharing ghost talk with you!Love love love the art!


"what do you see in the glass?"

i see right through her, as if the mirror reveals the insubstantiality of her and the rest of her is an illusion, an illusion of physical reality. when you see through her, you can see the cloud which to me is like a dream. she is the cloud that takes shape for an instant (what is time?), like when you lie on your back and see beings in the clouds and depending on the wind these beings exist for just a little while before they change into something else or dissipate altogether. this cloud, your cloud, had more will power to also assume color and expression, especially in her eyes, but also in the little boney fingers. maybe she was an angry cloud or a sad cloud and wanted eyes to cry from.
once realized we are such shapeshifters, what endless possibilities we have!
wow, now i have some thoughts on ghosts but i have to go, so i'll have to come back for more. if you can stand it! ;)



Your posts are always so beautiful and insightful! I love all of your haunting, ghostly images!

Through the glass I see a great ship, I can hear the fog horns echoing in the distance and smell the salt air of the chill sea. I think she is waiting for someone to arrive on that ship.

Thank you for mentioning my Ghostly Cradle print....I have always had a great interest in all things ghostly, and though I have never seen a ghost, I know they are with us everyday!


I love your ghost pieces more than anything!!!!!!!!

They are astounding!

jungle dream pagoda

You are a wonderful wonder wandering in your own magical life-size dollhouse !


OH, and I forgot to tell you that I chose you to be "tagged" (to list 10 little-known facts all about you.) Only if you feel you want to, of course! : )

Here is mine:


thanks everyone!
im so glad to see that im not the only one with such strange fascinations!


...now, off to ponder my 10 little known facts...


Beautiful work. :)

When I was a child, I always had gothic leanings. My imaginary friends were always ghosts so that when I held their hands I could pull them along beside me weightlessly. I wished I were like them and could silently pass through walls and see what people were saying and doing.

I'll be back to read more of your posts. I love your style.

Kim Wlassak / Garden Painter Art - gnarly-dolls

You said:

"really quite devoid of the usual macabre associations of which they are so famously related".

What more can be said?

What a perfect example of ghostly interpretation.

We must be running on the same mental wave length today. I just listed a print of a story collage entitled: "Ghostly Gert's Tucson Patio Party". I believe it may be one of my personal favorites.

Thanks again for sharing your excellent blog and inspiring art. I, for one, appreciate it greatly and always look forward to seeing more.

Garden Painter Art

Museum of Fire

So wonderfully and enchantingly discussed - as thought provoking and tickling as ever.

Two of my childhood homes, old boarding houses, were home to more than just the expected lodgers... but I'll have to leave that for another day I'm afraid.


might I suggest the movie "the devils backbone" by director Guillermo del Toro. He most recently made pans labrynth.
A great spanish ghost film.
I love miiror with a memory


thanks moogan!
although i am a little scared of Guillermo after 'pans labyrinth' - the scenes of violence put a terrific strain on my nervous system....but undeniably wonderful work regardless!
perhaps this film would suit me more?
i hope so!

Katrine K

I am so thrilled about this post, you are such a good writer, and your ghost pictures are beautiful and mysterious. Espescially I like the one with the girl inside the doll-house with the stairs...
When I was a child I once saw a little ghost, well I think I did! But off course I can`t be sure wheter it was my imagination or if it was real.


Do you know that this is about the 5th time I have come back to read this post!! You write so beautifully and I just had to read this one over and over again. The images are inspiring and thoughtprovoking.

I have had to put 'The Children of Green Knowe' on my wish list - I do not remember it but now really wish to read this tale.

For myself I just adore the thought that ghosts are an impression, an imprint on the present of the characters and events of a past age, something almost but not quite tangible to remind us of the beauty of images, faces, things that we can only imagine that have occurred all those years ago.

I too love the atmosphere of the ethereal, the impressions, the ghostly and the mysterious. Thank you so much for your comments on my new piece! And as for my studio - yes I think since I am following my heart in re-acquainting myself with the desire to pursue my art - well it now does feel like a place to work and be inspired! Until now I had never felt that comfortable there - isn't that strange? And thank-you for the link to my ghostly showgirls!


Feel free to ignore this if you hate these things but I tagged you for 7 random things.

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