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Thursday, 26 April 2007


Kim Wlassak / Garden Painter Art - gnarly-dolls

Wow, there are some amazing dolls listed above. I love the Noriko Okamura dolls. I'm not sure if I want to hug them or bury them!!

AND... I know that I continue to repeat myself when I say that I am in true awe of your photo manipulations/digital collages. How desperately I am hoping to sell a few more of my pieces so that I can purchase one of YOUR pieces!! Soon....very soon.

AND... Thank you so very much for including me as a link to your "dolly delights". I must say that I am flattered yet knowingly I am an obvious underling to the other doll makers in your "dolly delights". But, nevertheless, I am happy to see my name included in such a stunning list of doll makers.

Garden Painter Art


Thank you soooo much for that post!I just love dolls and I am always very happy to find new exciting things!I love Blythe,and now have three and I am thinking about a momoko.I am smitten by that delightful doll creature ,the first picture I mean,that soft pink and that lovely face.sigh I am in love!xoxo D


This was a lovely post on dolls. I love them all. Those rabbit dolls would be most delightful included in your art. I am glad that you mentioned garboodles as I am quite taken with her lovely dolls.


I loved this post! And I am utterly amazed, inspired, delighted and tickled pink (or actually more of a dusty-rose hue) over Noriko Okamura's dolls....They make me want to cuddle, laugh and cry all at once! I've never seen any of these artists before! THANK YOU for sharing such amazing talent!

I know what you mean about having older images that are too small for printing...I have a few of those myself....they are treasures for only the artist to keep, I suppose. : )

Also, Thanks so much for mentioning Mildred (she and Mr. Acorn are currently discussing the symbolism of the human form quietly amongst themselves.)


Those bunny dollies are like your bunny characters made solid! That's uncanny.
Ventrilloquist dummies creep me out! I remember hiding my face from the commercials for the movie 'Magic' as a child. Permanently scarred.
Dollies exist in that dreamlike state of unreality. They are extensions of our psyches. They can be as fantastical or as mundane as our minds.


Amazing dolls...my mother collected dolls when I was growing up, and while they were amazing and beautiful, only a handful were my favorites. I ususally reserved my favorite postitions for animals that I could dress up as people!


Such a WONDERFUL post!! I could talk about Dolls for days and never run out of things to say. Very fine examples that you posted photos and links to!

Scott RAdke being one of my favorites! What a sense of imagination and such deep character in his creations.

Of course I can't leave out the Dolls of Yore and Garboodles dolls. They are my friends as well as two of my favorite artists!

Thank you again!
Many Blessings,


Hello ! I've just get a photograph of you received in my letter box, a gift from a friend for my birthday, it's the one with the two birds in a bath, now, I'll search a beautifull frame for put it on my desk, so that I would be able ti dreams during my work :) Thanks for your presence.



Oh what a beautiful post!! I am feeling so inspired by dolls at the moment - actually I guess I always have been but it is only now that I have the time to fully pursue the fascination! I adore the work of Scott Radke which I discovered a couple of years ago - the details are incredible .

I am also currently inspired by the stories by Angela Carter - now there is some doll and character imagery to dream about!!


oh, perfect!
i really ought to have mentioned Angela Carter in this post, im glad you reminded me:)

thanks for all of your contributions!


Oh how I do feel that way. Your expression of words is beautiful. I love all the different dolls here you posted. I have always had a dliking of Different. Your work by the way is absolutly gorgeous. I am in awwww with what you can do with manipulation of the pictures. Truely delightful. Thanks for adding me to your dollie list too!!! How sweet that you like them too!!! Talk to you soon!!!
Mica Garbarino

Teresa Baker

Thank-you for this wonderful post! It is just the inspiration I need to get back to my wee little studio and finish the stubborn tantrum throwing child down there that I've been ignoring. Ever since I gave her arms and legs she's been running around the room with her hands over her ears shouting "I can't hear you I can't hear you!" *sigh*


i just adore those noriko dolls! so cool. and thanks again for mentioning tapestries. this was inspired by an actual doll i found in my mother's closet a few years ago. i had never had quite the attachment to dolls i think. i was more fond of stuffed animals with whom i could invent stories. we had some barbies whose feet i would chew off and which were the cause of many fights with my sisters. maybe we used them to project our frustrations of each other. i never found dolls creepy either, i just grew bored of them quickly. i saw my sister play mommie with them and that just wasn't my thing. i see now the importance of playing out the troubles we had and have but also just as a personification of that little soul we each of us have and to make her speak, because she is hard to visualize in the abstract. i see momo as this for you and i love her for that... maybe someday i will find one for me. for now, i have only just heard her voice.


thankyou Teresa - your dolls astound me, truly!

and Mica, you have made my day ^_^

Maren - we must co-write something similar at the cottage, or at least put it into motion, what do you say? get over here tomorrow!
Perhaps MOMO will accompany us there...who knows?? xxx

Vanessa V

Oh you darling creature. First of all, my treasures created by you and found by me through Etsy are incredible. But, I already knew that. As for dolls. Yes, I have a stash of heads and arms here and there...I think I love the old ones, whose eyes move. They seem to hold secrets, some scary, some very very controversial. They know things. They have powers. Well, that is how I see them. Be nice to them or they might do a strangle number in the middle of the night...I love eerie magic. xxo,V

Katrine K

I really love this post too! I like dolls a lot, and especially yours!

Amy Elise Designs

Your dolls and prints are absolutely amazing! I am on the side of dolls scaring me too, but still love them! Bluemoonstudio has a link to your blog and Etsy shop. I had seen your rabbits before which I just adore. WOW!


what incredible images, all of them...just eye candy!!!



Thanks for all the listings. I love strange dolls works. I can't wait to save up and get one of my own.


just trying this before l post my comments
tomorrow, can,t do any more tonight as
my eyes are begining to cross. mumxxx

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