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Sunday, 03 January 2010


Frankie Kins

Lou, Hedgerow is lovely! Your new work is very interesting. It must be a refreshing change of pace for you.

Happy New Year to you!


Very, very lovely! <3


Bright wishes to you and your loved ones, Lou, for a Happy New Year. I hope 2010 is magical. xx


Thanks for your comments, and a very happy new year to you all !

Frankie, I hadn't given it much thought until recently. I do find it very refreshing indeed - since i began to work commercially, I have found very little time for experiment and play, which finally resulted in an explosion of new ideas and obsessions, and an urge to revert back to traditional media, which I have happily begun to combine with the digital.
I also felt that i had begun to stray away from the 'meaning' behind my urge to create visual art. This actually made me feel out of sorts for quite some time. I suppose it is easy to become a little lost and out of focus sometimes - but thankfully I managed to locate myself once more, and on we go - the process is constantly changing, as we are ourselves:)


dearest lou thank you for such kind words

practicalities and schedules and christmas coach journeys meant i didn't have enough time at home to go to the shrine of an exhibition that is angels of anarchy. i SO hope you got to go.


Ooh, lovely!


Oh, I simply have no words to marvel over the beauty of all your recent works....you consistently astound me!! SO, SO lovely!!

♥ Happy New Year Lou!!


Just popped in to say ... Happy New Year Lou !


Happy New Year!

Love the new piece!

sarah knight

lovely : )

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