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Thursday, 14 January 2010


Mathyld / encore petite

Oh ! I always adored this little story (annecdote ?) of you starting your life as a sycamore tree ...
So sweet :)

And again, thank you so much for these gorgeous pictures !
You're a doll ♥

x x x

misako mimoko

This watercolour and the prints are wonderful! and Mathyld's headband suits you so well! i love her creations too.
have a nice day :)


ok, so i've been bad with commenting lately...first, i so love your new work!

second, i had to chime in just now though b/c last night i was doing some sketching (my big monitor died, so i had to sketch on paper) and i drew a girl with BRANCHES FOR HANDS! were you sending out signals? ;)

but i don't have a charming story to go with my drawing though. i wonder what your first love is doing right now?


What a wonderful post, Lou. So full of magic and synchronicity! I have arrived here after just posting about my journey with trees on my blog. How wonderful to know that trees are such a significant part of our lives. Your new work is divine and it's always a treat to see your latest images and goodies. Bright wishes. xx


Lovely watercolors, I adore your style, and your sweet story about your first love, the little tree!

Such a darling blog you have, and I'm pleased to see the "ad free blog" banner on your blog, as well!



so sweet! i love these paintings. xo


thanks so much everyone:) x

andrea gutierrez

mathyld is one of the most generous spirit i know. i truly am so very happy that we have crossed paths. i know you know this, being her friend as well. everything here is so very lovely. the illustrations, the stories, dreamy. but you already knew that ;)

Jennifer Perkins

Man oh man I might just have to add Cecelia to my Art and Ghosts collection. My daughter's middle name is Fawn and she would fit right in with my deer art theme. Glad I found your blog and realized you moved to Big Cartel, I was wondering what happened to you on Etsy.

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