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Monday, 14 December 2009


Anna Lloyd

Beautiful work, I love the colours!
I thought you might have some thoughts on the subject since you get it all the time. http://anaspangle.blogspot.com/2009/12/polyvored.html


these new works are beyond beautiful. everything from the edible looking colours to the dreamy scenes themselves.

the singing tree especially.

you should write!
the way you string your thoughts into the most pearlescent drops of beauty and wonder makes me hungry for more.


Beauuutiful work!
Did you watch that film yet, "Knowing"? Something in these images is the exact thing I don't want to mention that I saw in the film and it made me think of you!

andrea gutierrez

the singing tree is so lovely and bright...adore your work as always...


I adore "The Singing Tree"

It would look perfect in my daughter's room!

A Fanciful Twist


louise (art and ghosts)

Thanks so much:)

For those who may have left a comment and cannot see it, there appears to be an issue with typepad today - some of the comments are not appearing in my publish list, although i am receiving the emails, so im hoping it will be fixed sometime soon!


TOTALLY LOVE the singing tree... it's completely gorgeous... and what a lovely thought... singing trees...

Glad I stumbled upon your site. Your work is amazing!!




Such lovely work, it's just so colorful.

louise (art and ghosts)

thanks very much, folks!

these are quite special to me.


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